‘Dancing with the Stars’: Halloween Show Treats

For the first thirty minutes viewers were treated to a Shrek Halloween special on Monday night’s (October 31) “Dancing with the Stars.” My favorite part was the scary story by the gingerbread man. Talk about a nightmare that pretty much sums up the underwhelming Halloween show. For the most part I was looking forward to the music and costumes. At least their costumes and makeup actually delivered. Unfortunately, most of the song choices were dreadful and not in a good, spooky way either. After the individual dances were the teams dances which were like comparing apples and oranges. At any rate, this wasn’t my favorite show of the season. It was just meh…

David Arquette

One of the few song choices that fit in perfectly with their story, costumes and the cha-cha-cha. “Abracadabra” by the Steve Miller Band was to showcase David’s magic tricks, but he claimed he couldn’t find it backstage before going on live (or dead as they referred to it in the beginning). It was a decent performance while the crowd loved it as the show’s opener. 24

J.R. Martinez

When I read earlier J.R. and Karina were dancing a tango to the theme of “Ghostbusters” I had a bad feeling it wasn’t going to work. During the rehearsal video it seemed like they had no hand in picking this song since Karina informed J.R. about it. He didn’t seem to be all that familiar with “Ghostbusters.” One of the things I loved about their dance was the special effects, especially the lightning, and the costumes. Unfortunately the choreography and music didn’t work for this tango, though they did a very good job with what they had. 25
Nancy Grace

Another great song choice, but not for Nancy. This song is extremely fast paced and would be better for a pro dancing couple. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” routine was akin to watching Chynna Phillips freeze up during her movie night routine. Nancy was out of step in her jive while trying at times to catch up to Tristan. 21

Rob Kardashian

This was my favorite song choice and performance of the night. Rob and Cheryl danced to the theme of “The Addams Family” with spot-on costumes and make-up as Morticia and Gomez. Their tango was certainly helped by an excellent song that went perfectly to the show’s theme and choreography. Some people get all the luck. 25

Ricki Lake

Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” was the strangest song choice as it had almost nothing to do with Halloween except for a line about a nightmare. Ricki and Derek danced the paso doble that I felt was more on the cautious side for Ricki due to her rib injury. Is it me or has Ricki either not lost weight or she is gaining it? For the last three weeks her costumes seem to be covering it up. Not surprisingly they got the highest score for their individual dance. 27

Hope Solo

By far the worst Halloween song choice of the night was to “Werewolves of London.” You don’t dance to that song, much less to ballroom or Latin. There were a number of excellent songs to choose from that were in line for Halloween such as “Time Warp” from “Rocky Horror Picture Show” or The Doors’ “People Are Strange.” Let’s not forget “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Hope and Maks managed to dance a passable samba to this strange song, though I thought Hope’s energy on the dance floor was erratic. I’m getting much too tired of seeing Hope and Maks not getting along anymore. 24

Team Tango

Based on the harmonious and fun team that consisted of David, Nancy and J.R. during their rehearsal video I thought they turned out a very impressive team dance to Rihanna’s “Disturbia.” I liked their stark realistic costumes, plus they didn’t have the glitzy lighting like the other team had. The celebrities actually had to dance during their solos, so there was more content to it. Unfortunately this team was slammed by one of the judges. They were nowhere near as bad Len. 23

Team Paso

Even though Team Tango got low scores on the dance floor, but a great rehearsal video edit, this team was completely the opposite. The way Maks physically treated Hope was completely the last straw for me. Ricki was trying to take over, granted she was the team captain, but let the pros do their job. I thought your ribs were hurting you dear? Despite the pre-show drama they got rave reviews for their paso doble to Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.” How convenient Hope got to sit on the floor for about 8 beats and Ricki got dragged by Derek for that amount of time during their solos. 26

I lost count how many times Tom Bergeron informed us Justin Bieber would be the musical guest on the results show. Yes, I heard you the first time. When has this kid had a hit since “Baby?” You can tell by the fatigue it is getting close to the end of the season for all involved. One outstanding blessing is Carson Kressley will be returning Tuesday night. “Dancing with the Stars” has become so drab without him on Mondays.


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