Dancing with the Stars Week 3: Who Puts the “Boy” in Flamboyant?

Another live performance show and this week the couples get personal. We learn a little more about our stars as they dance to a song from a memorable year in their life.

It should be emotional, it should be uplifting. Tonight Liiiiiiiiiiivvvvveeeeeeeee!

First up tonight, Rob Kardashian and Cheryl. Rob picked a song from 2003, the year his father died. He’s dancing the foxtrot and is honoring his dad. A nice foxtrot and his did his dad proud. He’s improving each and every week. The judges agreed and he gets a 24.

Can Chynna Phillips keep impressing? We find out now as Chynna and Tony take the stage. She looks back at 1990 and the songs she wrote. She dances to her own song, “Hold On.” Tony and Chynna were really into it. A very passionate rumba. The judges and audience loved it and of course, the personal connection to the music. She gets a 26.

Chaz and Lacey are up next. He was at the bottom of the standings last week, he looks to rebound. They get a rumba so Chaz might’ve caught a break. Chaz will dance to a Sonny Bono hit, “Laugh at Me.” Chaz didn’t look good and the dance wasn’t that great either. The judges appreciated Chaz’s courage but were fairly nice to him. He gets a 18.

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas next. The judges were hard on Kristin last week. She picks 2005 as her most memorable year. They get a samba this week and dance to a Beyonce song. It appeared she was a little off the entire dance. Maybe it was because Jay Cutler was in the audience. She gets a 24 and Jay Cutler avoids another sack, for now.

Carson and Anna are next on the stage. Carson isn’t a great dancer, but he’s having fun. They get a tango and will dance to a No Doubt song. Carson may not be a greta dancer, but he has the head snaps and leg kicks down. Bruno loved it, Carrie Ann loves him, and Len said he put the boy in flamboyant. He gets a 23.

No story is more personal that J.R. Martinez’s. He’s an inspiration to every American. He was injured in Iraq and faced a long recovery. He dances to a Tim McGraw song and he dedicates it to the men and women who didn’t make it home from war. He does a great job again. He received multiple standing ovations and a 26 out of 30.

Nancy Grace is on next. 2007 was her memorable year. She dances to “Moon River.” Tristan does a good job with Nancy, but something look awkward. The judges were fairly kind. She gets a 21.

Up next are Ricki Lake and Derek Hough. Ricki’s memorable year was last year. She got divorced and her house burned down, but she met Christian. An emotional and beautiful dance. The judges like her because she is a performer. A great dance. Ricki gets a 27.

Hope Solo and Maks take the floor. Her memorable year is this year. The U.S. Women’s Soccer team made the finals of the World Cup. They dance a cha cha. A very sexy dance and Hope is in a skimpy dress. High energy and good comments from the judges. She gets a 24.

Last tonight is David Arquette and Kym Johnson. David was in the bottom two last week, so he needs to improve his technique. They dance a rumba this week. A much better effort from David. David and Kym get a 24.

Results show tomorrow. Spolier alert: Len is going to perform.

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