Data Flawed and “Fixed” Concerning Second Hand Smoke

The population of the United States over the course of the last two decades seems to be filling up with many paranoid neurotics. I was listening to the news and couldn’t believe what came out of a man’s mouth concerning hurricane Irene. Scared, scared scared. Where have all the men gone to? I grew up at a time, a man was said to need bravery and courage, and men had it unquestionably. Wars of the time seems to prove that point. In today’s world, many men are scared of their own shadows and women, well seem to persuade them to take up ridiculous causes. Second hand smoke legislation and ridiculous prices for tobacco are two of them.

“Both” my grandfather’s lived well into their 90’s. “Both” were also “smokers.” I, myself, have had asthma since the age of seven, and started smoking at the age of 14. Smoking has never affected my asthma or my breathing. How the hell anyone can swallow the statistics made by incompetent studies concerning second hand smoke can be attributed to only one “fact.” That fact, happens to come out from over two decades ago when Congress looked upon the profits of tobacco companies and also looked into ways to find out how they could “STEAL” some of them. THAT is when all the rhetoric began to gather up enough support against the tobacco industry, “through” non-smoker support.

This issue has nothing to do with “health.” It does by the way, have a lot to do with Congress finding ways to get into the pockets of every smoker AND the smoking industry. It didn’t take much to persuade many to perform fraudulent studies “backed” by those willing incompetents, who through prejudice, fulfilled data that would back up legislation. THEN, comes the campaign to incite even more prejudice towards smokers by ads aimed at this second hand smoke issue.

It doesn’t take much brains to see that legislators “always” come up with ways to incite the public and grab many by the nose, especially the many prone to neurosis, and get them to back up their false campaigns to gain more incentives into their own pockets. Second hand smoke does no more harm to people than standing in front of your stove snorting in the gas fumes. I would say the same about these neurotic non smokers who are so convinced they will “die” by my smoke or that of any other smoker where it concerns the vehicle they drive each day, but I “can’t.” But then, they are not about to wage a campaign against the TRUE culprits of spewing out cancer producing agents into their lungs now are they?

Whatever happened to the time the smoking section and NON smoking sections were effectively separating all these neurotic cowards from having to put up with all us smokers? Once Congress went after the tobacco industry to EXTORT more incentives to fill their own pockets with, the non smokers went after making all of us out to be criminals. The TRUE criminals in this country are not all the ones they point fingers at believing in each and every lie they “swallow” but the true criminals are those who use their puny brains against them to incite PREJUDICE, simply to fill their bank accounts.

I am part Native American. As such, within my heritage, tobacco use has existed for as long as there has been a Native American. When I see how easy it is for legislators to manipulate the public to see things “their” way for the sake of money, it’s ludicrous. But then, I’m not “laughing,” and this may come from the fact that people have gotten to be nothing but a pocketful of wimpy, nagging, complaining, mental cases that do nothing but wish to turn this country into one of socialist and communistic values. ALL done without “merit” and ALL done by brown nosing each and every Tom, Dick and Harry legislator that leads them around by the nose.

If you are a non smoker who has fallen for this tainted data behind second hand smoke, do this for me so you can find out TRUTH. Lock yourself up in a garage with a smoker for a night, but before you do, go get your lungs checked by your Doctor, “before” and “after.” Find out what the Doctor says have been the “effects.” NOW, for the “second” test. Do the same thing as the first time, only this time “lock” yourself up with a motor vehicle running for the night. As with the first time, get checked by the Doctor “before” you perform the test.

Notice I didn’t state to get checked out by the Doctor “after” this last test? YOU WON’T NEED “TO.” You’ll be “DEAD.” NOW, go tell all these idiots that have convinced you that second hand smoke kills what is REALLY killing people throughout the world. Then ask yourself, will your legislator do ANYTHING about “it?” Not as long as the Auto Industry keeps paying them under the table to keep up the good work against us smoking SCAPEGOATS, using YOU, to carry out the delusions they feed you, if you happen to be a non smoker. But then, we all know most non smokers have known the truth for a long time. They are just unwilling to attack the Auto Industry with the truth, as they “too,” will be amongst the WALK citizens of the world. Cancer or no cancer, we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

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