David Archuleta – My Kind of Christmas Tour

The lights have dimmed, the stage cleared and the band has left. They were a normal bunch of guys, amazing musicians and had a great quality to their playing and engaged the audience. Where ever they continue to perform I wish them well.

David has the ability to surround himself with loving and talented people and that couldn’t be truer than with Sunny Hilden David’s friend and co-writer of Fa La La La La.

We greatly appreciated the special attention that she gave us at several of David’s My Kind of Christmas Tour concerts. The effect you had on us was tremendous. We loved having you at the Meet and Greet accompanying David. We Dreamed Sky High and received love, friendship and memories which will bless us the rest of our days.

Sunny’s CD, You Are Here, has a song, “Tis the Season” she wrote which I find mirrors many feelings at this time of year. The bridge of her song –

For each moment of bliss

We grow stronger for our dreams

For each soul we still miss

Life is longer than it seems

And if only we believe

In all our blessings everywhere

The gifts of hearts we open

Will be gifts for all to share

Beautiful words, a beautiful song, such a lovely gift. You must listen to her entire CD; you will find a spiritual comfort to her songs you won’t want to miss.

David Archuleta’s Holiday concerts were outstanding. He is an amazing artist who captivates his audience and puts you up in the clouds over the moon. His vocal range is incredible and he demonstrates his love for the Holiday Season with songs like, “Ave Maria” and “O Holy Night.”

This was real music, the way it is supposed to be. They were magical evenings. He is a very special singer blessed with a unique and angelic voice.

The audiences were filled with people of all ages and genders. These were lovely concerts and definitely put you in the Christmas spirit. I was still glowing a few days later.

David’s unbridled adoration he receives from every concert generates and exciting performance. I noticed at his Ventura concert he enjoyed the intimate venue and thrived on the crowd’s enthusiasm and energy.

They were as near perfect of an evening you could ask for and his charity outreach for Child Fund left you feeling we need to do more.

Hold these concerts close to your heart as we may need to wait awhile for a repeat tour.

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