David Murray Cuban Ensemble Plays Nat King Cole En Español

There’s not much that jazz musician and composer David Murray hasn’t yet accomplished. A Grammy winner and prolific recording artist having already recorded 130 of his own albums while contributing to about 100 more as a guest artist.

David Murray‘s styles and genres have been described as free jazz, post bop, Avant-guard, fusion, and even world-music; but for a musician who’s not only performed and recorded in the traditional sense but also written for film and even composed two operas – trying to ascribe a general style or sound to a virtuoso such as Murray leaves out too many aspects of such a diverse career.

David Murray also has a knack for paying tribute to other great artists as well; Duke Ellington, Paul Gonzales, and more recently Nat King Cole.

Set for an October 2011 US release, for David Murray Cuban ensemble plays Nat King Cole en Español, Murray assembled some of the greatest Cuban musicians around to form the 10-piece David Murray Cuban Ensemble.

Recorded in Portugal, David Murray Cuban ensemble plays Nat King Cole en Español, is a warm and flowing selection of some of Nat King Cole‘s Spanish-language recordings released in the 1950s.

This album is an obvious must for not only fans of David Murray and Nat King Cole, but any jazz, saxophone, and Latin music enthusiasts as well.

Track listing includes:

1. El Bodeguero

2. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

3. Tres Palabras

4. Piel Canela

5. No Me Platiques

6. Black Nat

7. Cachito

8. A Media Luz

9. Aqui Se Habla En Amor

10. El Choclo

11. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Radio Edit)


2011/10/01 L’Odeon / Theatre de Nimes – Nimes (France)

2011/10/12 Enjoy Jazz Festival – Mannheim (Germany)

2011/10/13 Jazz & The City – Salzburg (Austria)

2011/10/15 Festival Musica Dei Populi – Firenze (Italy)

2011/11/05 Tampere Jazz Happenings – Tampere (Finland)

2011/11/11 Yoshi’s – San Francisco/CA (USA)

2011/11/12 Yoshi’s – San Francisco/CA (USA)

2011/11/13 Yoshi’s – San Francisco/CA (USA)

2011/11/17 Skirball Center For The Performing Arts – New York/NY (USA)

2011/12/06 Le Rocher de Palmer – Cenon (France)

2011/12/07 Le Moulin du Roc – Niort (France)

2011/12/09 Scene nationale L’Estive – Foix (France)

2011/12/10 Le Jam – Montpellier (France)

2012/05/03 Europa Jazz Festival – Le Mans (France)

2012/06/30 Pavillons Jazz Festival – Les Pavillons-sous-Boi

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