DB Russell is the Newest Character on ‘CSI’

Ted Danson, if you haven’t heard already, is joining the cast of ‘CSI’ for season 12. His character has been given the name of DB Russell. Russell will be taking over as night shift supervisor after a change up in the team after Ray Langston, played by Laurence Fishburne, killed Nate Haskell during a confrontation at the house where he grew up.

Now that you are caught up to speed as to Danson’s role on the show, he won’t be the usual science nerd as many of the characters are on ‘CSI.’ He will be more of a Sherlock Holmes scientist for the team.

DB Russell kind of reminiscent of Greg House on ‘House.’ Rather than being a M.D., Russell will be solving murders rather than medical cases. In the season opening trailer, DB moves into action to help Nick get some answers on a case they have been assigned. Listening and watching Russell brought back thoughts of Grissom’s character. He talks softly, uses deductive questioning to get a victim to talk, and shows he knows when to back off when answers aren’t forthcoming. This scene reminds me of Grissom sitting in his office having one of his many conversations with the ‘CSI’ team before, during, and after a case.

Having Danson on the show may bring a breath of fresh air the show has needed by bringing in a new face and a new way to take a look at how cases will be solved from a shift supervisor position. Although, Katherine Willows, played by Marg Helgenberger, will be missed since it was announced she is leaving the show or is she?

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