Deadpool Deconstructed: Marvel Anti-Hero Summed Up

Who is Deadpool? That is a question that can easily be asked by even the veteran comic book fan, or it used to be this way. Deadpool is now hot!

Deadpool is an oddity and an underdog character that has rarely been top selling, but often is given a chance in his own series or comics with other characters. In short he is a Marvel anti-hero who has graced comic book pages for over a decade. He is given a chance because he is unlike any other character: The “merc with a mouth” is one of the most opinionated, controversial, and fascinating characters in the Marvel universe.

His mythos is rich with a variety of guest appearance in comics such as New Mutants, X-Force, Wolverine, and X-Men. Many characters appeared in Deadpool’s own comic including Punisher, Wolverine, and even Spider Man.

Deadpool started out as a mercenary named Wade Wilson. He was a villain in other words. It all changed for Wade Wilson when Wolverine’s mutant healing factor was replicated and injected into his body. Deadpool agreed to it because he had cancer, but the effects of the process left him horribly scarred. This led directly into him becoming an anti-hero. He began to wear a costume and became known as Deadpool.

He could fight any samurai and kill any mutant.

Deadpool became noteworthy for his dark humor that ranged on a variety of subjects, but often making fun of people he was battling. Spider Man has been compared to Deadpool because of this. Wade Wilson is vastly different from Peter Parker. Spider Man does not kill but Deadpool kills constantly. Deadpool can be cruel with his humor while Spider Man is more about slap-stick comedy. Lastly, Deadpool is often using a weapon-like a gun or a blade-while Spider Man uses nothing but his powers and web shooters.

Perhaps some of the finest Deadpool comics are the issues where he is fighting another force. One major conflict that is played off-and-on in Deadpool comics is his battles with Wolverine.

There have been developments from the initial idea of a mercenary with a mouth as stinging as Spider Man. Deadpool attempted to become a hero in the Marvel universe instead of another mercenary. The comic writers still worked in the dark humor elements that had won over so many other fans, but Deadpool tried to live a normal life with a girlfriend and a vow to fight evil.

While a cult character Deadpool has never been a bestseller. He was in two mini-series before having his own title launched. The original “Deadpool” series lasted 69 issues until being canceled. Of late he can be found in “Cable & Deadpool,” which has been publishing for several years. Cable is of X-Force and X-Men fame.

Now Deadpool is a bestseller. I would compare his popularity to Green Lantern. He has several ongoing series and is perhaps, along with Iron Man, the best character at Marvel. He is a big character in the universe and he is selling more than ever.

I would say Deadpool needs a film, R preferably, either live action or animated. This is destiny for the character.

If you want to collect Deadpool, go with the merc in the mouth. Go with his original series. Go with his Crossover series with Cable. Buy his comics. They are going to be worth more than you think.

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