Dear Nightmare, Never Show Me This Again.-Sincerely The Dreamer

Last night I dreamed of nothing except darkness

BLACK!, no color or images but

I felt like I was just walking down a tunnel with no light

Early morning…. Nightmare brought me a vivid dream

He told me a tale… He said you wouldn’t be

Here …..

When I awoke …..

Then Nightmare SHOWED me his tale constructed like a masterpiece of Tragedy………

I’m siting on the stairs having a chatting with a few women,

who were draped in black , I couldn’t see their faces but ….

I knew them by name ……STRANGE

as the conversation dawned on they brought up his name but,….

They said it so …….STRANGE

I glanced around as they talked about,mocked him and asked me

questions about him , and I said nothing and pretended that …

I knew not of what they spoke …. and Told them that I wished to hear no more or that they keep their opinions to themselves until the time that I am not around to hear such blasphemy……

****I caught that!…..FREEZE!

The women on the far left that quick glace upward then all her attention back on me… like …

Like there was something up there I was not supposed to see …


I walked slowly toward them they began to silence … “whats up there?”

I asked , but got no reply …….STRANGE

They begin to try to distract me by talking to me and I felt the more they talked the more I lost focus ….

so I ordered them to STOP!


as I neared them I saw more stairs … They were hiding them from me …

In that split second I became angered,

“Why do they hide this from me , try to confuse my mind . and talk of you in such a manner?” I asked my self

as I stood be fore them I could see the opening above above our heads and then I saw your feet dangling there..kicking … I felt like crying at the display but instead….

I became ENRAGED and demand that they move ….

“Get OUT of my way ,”…. not a budge … “I SAID MOVE!!!!” … fear flashed in there eyes and they split … I raced up the stairs to you and saw that you were trying to hang yourself … and They were just going to let you die there

How Dare They!!

When I got to you you were unconscious …. I reached for your arm and held tight and pulled you back on to the landing …Yelling and demanding them to cut you down… there was still life in you,but very bleak … I did a few chest compressions … Took all the extra life in me me and breathed it into you ….

You would not die , because they refused to help you live … and I’m to stubborn to let you take your own life because you raised me that way Stubborn and BOLD….

I saved you, like you had saved me so many times when no one else would.

Saving you was something I never thought I would do , but now I realize that we save each other everyday , just by being


Nightmare brought me back this morning and as soon as I opened my eyes ,

Even though I could not feel my legs and was still in that place between sleep and awake I ran to find you and make sure you were , where i remembered you

and you were

There and it was all just Nightmare

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