Death, New Life

Hard, unyielding lava rock sits for eons
Formidable, untouched
Undaunted, unchanged by the most savage storms

Comfortable with its predictable existence
Supremely confident that nothing would ever change
Out of nowhere, an eruption

Red, hot, molten lava forms a ferocious geyser
A raging river envelopes and destroys all that it touches
Rock that seemed indestructible is instantly transformed
Incorporated into the molten river of lava

At times swiftly and voraciously feeding on everything
Other times slowly digesting, millimeter by millimeter
Engulfing that which sat for millennia, that which had stagnated

Destroying the comfortable and predictable
Everything within the molten lava path is new
All that is left behind is a dark, smoking expanse of rock
Random shapes and sizes

Lava rock slowly cools, eons pass
This time it is different
A tiny seed finds its way into a miniscule crack
Tiny leaves spring forth
There is life

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