Death Penalty Rants and Raves

Let’s talk about the Death Penalty. With the recent execution of Troy Davis the topic is back on the front burner. As with any high profile Death Penalty case; the debate heats up. Should we or shouldn’t we kill our convicted murders?

I have read several articles by Death Penalty opponents who argue that we should abolish the practice because: A, It is cruel and unusual punishment. B, we need to extend justice to even the lowest forms of life in our society. C, we may execute an innocent person.

I will try to tackle these objections to the Death Penalty one at a time.

The Constitution says we cannot inflict punishment that is cruel and unusual; the question is who decides what is cruel and unusual? In our society the Supreme Court decides. The Supreme Court says that the Death Penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment. A lot of us disagree with that opinion. It goes against common sense. Anytime a person is put to death; it is cruel. Unless of course the person is suffering from some kind of painful disease but that is another topic.

The argument that I have the hardest time wrapping my mind around is the argument of; extension of justice. In this argument; as a society we have to make sure that our convicted criminals receive justice; to insure justice for all. To me this is just an example, of educated liberals, talking in circles until nobody knows what they think.

The last argument I want to address is the best argument against the Death Penalty. We have in the past and probably will in the future execute innocent persons. There is no bigger regret or bigger failing in our legal system than the execution of an innocent person. To many the possibility alone; is enough to have the Death Penalty abolished.

My question is why we argue so vehemently with the High Courts decision on the fact that the Death Penalty is cruel and unusual? But accept as fact; that life imprisonment is not. Have any of you ever served a prison sentence or even a day in jail? For a person who is innocent, I believe a life sentence would be highly cruel and very unusual. If we abolish; because the Death Penalty is cruel and unusual, shouldn’t we abolish Life Sentences as well? I mean our criminal justice system is supposed to be about rehabilitation right? Can’t Killers be rehabilitated?

We have the Death Penalty to insure that our worst criminals receive justice; more importantly, that victims and their families receive justice. Ask the mother of a child who was killed by a previously convicted and rehabilitated child molester what she thinks about justice.

The Death Penalty; for or against should be decided by those most affected by it. Not by some over educated political activist; liberal or otherwise, whose sensibilities are affected by the fact that the Death Penalty exists.

Should changes be made? I think so; the Death Penalty should be reserved for the very worst criminals in our society. It should only be handed down to those that have killed on more than one occasion or to those who have killed after having been convicted of previous heinous crimes like child molestation or rape.

This is just my opinion and I know it opens up a can of worms. ” What if a person was guilty and convicted of rape but was later charged with murder and is wrongly convicted of that? Should they die?” Blah, blah , blah.

Of course my answer would be that they should not. We should do all we can do to make sure that we do not execute the innocent. I will not look to the Bible for answers to this question. I will not debate the eye for an eye theory. Old Testament against New Testament But In some cases the fate of the innocent lay in the hands of God. That is the best we can do.

The Death Penalty is necessary to insure justice for victims. That is the bottom line.

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