Debate: Should Students Have to Keep a High GPA for Their Student Loans?

College students are expected to “make the grades” while in college. They don’t just have their parents to impress each semester; their grades are constantly monitored by the financial aid office. If they have an bad semester because of parties or homesickness, their GPA may drop below the school’s guidelines set by the state. Students have to meet a GPA requirement for their financial aid that is crucially important. Likewise, they have to be careful. If they don’t follow this simple procedure, they may lose everything.

First, students need the GPA requirement in order to prove themselves to the university. Before they even know your name, your GPA speaks for itself. It tells the university whether you’re going to work hard at their institution or slide by throughout the four years. Institutions that require a 2.0 or 2.5 requirement for their students are really inviting them to turn their accredited university into a party school. This is because students aren’t going to try if they aren’t challenged. The GPA requirement pushes students to challenge their minds and try harder.

Another reason a GPA requirement should be required for students is simply this: If they fall below the standard GPA, schools have the right to cancel their financial aid. This has happened to me twice throughout my college years. The student will then be required to take a study skills class in order to get their financial aid back. Keep in mind there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The student can appeal the cancellation of their student aid, but documentation is required. For instance, in both my cases I had to get a notice from my neurologist that I was in treatment for seizures.

Students should have a required GPA requirement because it looks better to their future employers. The state universities which have their required GPA at 2.0 or 2.5 are setting the standards low for students who want to slack off during their classes. Most majors require a 3.0, which is a B, in their coursework. If the employer sees an applicant with a C in one class and another applicant with a B, they might choose the one with the higher grade. This is because the student’s transcript tells the employer how dedicated and loyal they were to their education. In turn, the employer expects the same dedication at their company.

Furthermore, students should have a required GPA for their student loans so they feel a sense of accomplishment. If the bar is set low at 2.0 or 2.5, and the student achieves a 3.0 or even a straight 4.0, then more financial aid will be open to them. For instance, scholarships would be open to them that might not be available to those students with lower GPAs. Due to the fact that they set their higher standard, they have the opportunity to receive more financial aid. And, if they receive more money in grants and scholarships, they don’t have to pay it back after college.

Finally, students should have a required GPA because it may to put them ahead of other applicants when they apply for a career. College graduates that leave their universities without any experience are less likely than their counterparts to find employment right away. This is because their classmates have focused their goals towards on-campus organizations where they are able to gain real world experience. Some of these organizations won’t let students in if their GPA is not high enough, especially in the business fields.

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