Decision Movie Starring Natalie Grant on the Gospel Music Channel

Decision is a fairly new Christian movie that features songwriter, Gospel singer, and Dove Award winner, Natalie Grant. This is Natalie’s first acting experience. Natalie is pregnant in real life with her third child while filming. This movie is currently airing on the Gospel Music Channel and it is about making the Decision to forgive those who have done wrong to you.

Natalie plays the role of a pregnant mother in this movie and goes by the name of Eileen Connors. She just lost her husband in a car accident a few months ago. Her son, Jackson, is taking the loss very hard. Besides both Eileen and Jackson dealing with the loss, they are also facing financial hardships. Eileen’s husband was a firefighter but did not work long enough with the fire department to get a pension. Eileen has a job but is not making enough to make ends meet.

In the mean time, Jackson is having a very difficult time not only mourning the loss of his father but he is being bullied by some people at school. Three boys went up to him and beat him up because they blamed Jackson’s father for killing a lady while driving. His father evidently fell asleep behind the wheel killing himself and someone else.

Jackson did not want to attend school because he was being bullied. The Principal of his school came over to the house to tell his mother that he has not been to school in the past two weeks at all. He also informs Jackson and his mother that he will have to repeat the 10th grade since he has missed so much school. The Principal also gives Eileen the name and telephone number of his Pastor who helped him greatly when his dad passed away. He encouraged her to give him a call and talk to him.

Jackson is getting impossible to reach and he does not listen to his mother. His mother decides to send him to live with her father for the summer months until he starts school again. At first he did not want to go, but his time there turned out to be very beneficial for Jackson. He got along very well with his grandfather and they did a lot of things together.

One day they decided to go hunting. While on the trip, Jackson asks a lot of questions to his grandfather about Jesus and what certain things mean. His grandfather explains the simple story of salvation to Jackson and he accepts it graciously. He also talks to him about forgiveness and how Jesus forgave those who crucified Him on the cross.

Jackson finally decides to forgive the people who beat him up. When he arrives back home, he sees one of the guys stuck on the road with a flat tire. At first he drove right past him, but then decided to go back and help him. He tells this guy that he is now a different person.

Before Jackson arrived back home, his mother did go to see the Pastor and he encouraged her to get back to reading the Bible like she once did. The movie ends by Eileen and her son making the decision to get on track with God again. They both realize how they desperately need Him in their lives.

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