Decorate Underneath the Christmas Tree with Pretty Presents

You don’t have to simply decorate a tree for the holidays–why not decorate underneath the Christmas tree, as well, with pretty, wrapped presents. There are lots of ways to give gifts a personal touch that will help dress up the room for the season. Some people like to coordinate wrapping paper on all their gifts. Others add personal touches with ribbons and little trinkets tied to the top. Try these ideas for decorating underneath the Christmas tree with pretty presents.

Homemade Paper

Make your own wrapping paper with your favorite craft supplies. For example, use rubber stamps to create your own custom pattern on the white side of wrapping paper or on a brown paper bag. Just make sure the paper doesn’t have a bold pattern on the other side that will show through and ruin your design. Another idea is to create a photo collage using copies of your favorite pictures and pasting them onto recycled paper (no one will see it, anyway) for a very personal touch.


While real flowers are the most beautiful, they aren’t likely to live long on top of a present. Instead, consider topping your Christmas gifts with either silk flowers or those made of paper. Tissue or construction paper both work for making your own flower toppers. For a bold finish, make an oversize rose like this one .


Ornaments can also be used as decorations underneath the tree, as well as on its branches. Choose unique Christmas tree ornaments to attach to each present. They can be used as the recipients’ tree decorations for next year.

Color Schemes

You don’t have to use red and green wrapping paper just because it’s Christmas. What are some other colors that remind you of the holidays? Popular color schemes for gift wrap are blue and silver, red and gold, etc. Which colors would best complement your tree’s color scheme? If it’s hot pink and blue, try to find paper, bags and ribbon in those colors for decorating your gifts.

Extra Ribbon

Don’t just use ribbon to decorate the Christmas gifts; use lots of ribbon. Instead of simply winding it around the gift once or making a curly topper from the ribbon, wind it around the presents a few extra times and leave lots of curlicues hanging from the ends. Or, choose a couple different ribbon widths or colors for some variation.

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