Decorating a Master Bathroom for Romance

A bathroom is not usually a romantic part of the home, but it can be. This is especially true if it is attached to the master bedroom. It is an extension of the bedroom, and it should be just as well decorated. Decorating a master bath for romance is really very easy, and it can be sensually stylish.

I had a beautiful master bedroom and bathroom in one of my former homes. The two large rooms were connected, and the bath was not accessible to anyone beyond the bedroom. It was the ideal bathroom for romance, especially since it had an over-sized garden tub and a large walk-in shower. Find out how I began decorating my master bathroom for romance, and make your private space look and feel more romantic than ever.

Place Scented Bubble Bath in a Pretty Container on the Edge of the Tub

Bubble bath is a must when sharing an over-sized garden tub with someone special. When decorating a master bathroom for romance, keep high-quality scented bubble bath on hand. Since I was decorating my bathroom for romance I poured it from the original container and into a beautiful pink glass vessel with secure lid. It was the perfect decorating accessory, and it looked fantastic on the side of my master bathtub for two.

Decorating with a Basket of Real or Faux Rose Petals

Rose petals are a must when decorating a bathroom for romance. When planning a romantic interlude, buy fragrant roses and harvest their fresh petals while setting up the bedroom and bathroom for romance. Scatter the rose petals around the edge of the bathtub and on the countertop, or create a trail of petals from the master bedroom to the bath. If fresh petals are not available, keep faux rose-scented petals in a pretty basket. I kept a basket of pink and red silk rose petals on my bathroom countertop in between the two sinks, and they smelled absolutely heavenly.

Keep a Tray of Beautiful Wine Glasses in the Master Bathroom

In addition to the aforementioned decorating accessories I kept a silver-plated tray with two matching wine glasses on my bathroom countertop. The sink is an ideal place to quickly chill a bottle of wine. Scatter the rose petals around the tray, and set the mood with soft-scented candles. These decorating accessories are an invitation for romance, but they can beautifully embellish the master bath anytime.

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