Decorating for the Horse Lover

Horse lovers are a different breed. The love of horses is in their blood. It’s what drives them to center their world around breeding, grooming, training and riding. What better way to display this devotion than to decorate in celebration of all things equestrian? Let me show you how.

• Art and Sculpture

Starting with the obvious, if you love something – immortalize it in the form of artwork. Decorate your walls with horse paintings. Bring majestic horse sculptures to your home – inside and out. You can even make the artwork personal by creating a large, mosaic wall mural from a favorite picture of you and your horse. Just blow up your photo, print it in sections and piece it together on your wall to make a rustic mosaic-style mural.

• Saddlery

Don’t neglect your riding tack. On their own, most saddles are works of art. Mount them on your wall. Sling them over a foot board at the end of your bed. Or great creative and turn one into a stool and saddle on up to a kitchen counter or home bar.

• Horse Blankets

Warm, cuddly and full of color, a horse blanket is the perfect addition to any space you want to adorn in equestrian style. You can use them as wall hangings, bedspreads or just drape them over an over-stuffed chair or sofa. A horse blanket in your favorite color and pattern can also make a terrific fabric to upholster a bench cushion or make an assortment of throw pillows.

• Horse Shoes

You can incorporate horse shoes in your decor in so many interesting ways. Create a coat rack with them. Or weld them together to make a chair, settee or wine rack. It’s just one more way to bring rustic charm into your space to surround yourself with everyday horse objects.

• Cowboy Hats and Boots

A quick display of your collection of cowboy hats or boots can keep you closer to fond memories in and out of the barn with your beloved horse. Hang your hats on the wall or display them on a pedestal. You can even turn your boots into a work of art or a clever little planter.

You have so many options when bringing your love of horses to your home’s interior. Check out pictures and inspiration for this article in the Equestrian Decor ideabook on Houzz. You’re sure to find an idea that will strike your fancy.

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