Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Holiday Turkey

Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are synonymous with roasting holiday turkeys. The wonderful aroma as the smell drifts through the house, and the scrumptious taste of freshly roasted turkey is something I look forward to all year. Then comes the big holiday meal.Then the cleanup…and the realization that you still have pounds of leftover turkey. No worries, I have some great and delicious ways to use all of that turkey, without letting it go to waste.

First, separate all of the white meat from the dark meat. I suggest storing the meat in securely closed zipper lock bags. Really work at getting all of the meat removed from the carcass. Store bagged meat in refrigerator. Use within the next few days, for simple cold turkey sandwiches, or for these great and tasty meal ideas.

For the white meat portions, make a delicious turkey salad. Use a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, and an onion. Wash all vegetables, and chop equal amounts of green and red peppers, and onion. Cut into small little pieces. Take your leftover cold turkey, and chop into tiny pieces. Throw turkey into large mixing bowl, then gradually add each vegetable, one at a time. Then, add mayonnaise to desired consistency. Mix thoroughly and eat right away or refrigerate and eat within a day or two. Serve on bread or roll of your choice. Makes an absolutely delicious turkey salad!

For the dark meat portions. Simply align dark meat pieces on a microwave safe plate and heat until warm. Use a store bought bottled turkey gravy, or turkey gravy mix package, following directions. Place bread slices on plate, cover with warmed dark turkey portions, and pour hot gravy over it for a delicious open faced sandwich. These taste amazing.

Either meal lends itself to warming and using up any leftover mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. I find the sweet potatoes really compliment the turkey. Use these recipes to help make good use of that expensive holiday bird. Roasted turkey is such a delicious treat, so make the most of it and feed your family for a few meals with it.

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