Depression Myth: Only Drugs Work on Depressed People

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Here are some of the common myths shared by many Montrealers

Drugs are the only type of medication for depressed people

Actually drugs seem to work only for severe depression. The talking therapy and exercise works best for mild to moderately depressed people. New research is showing that exercise works as a medication. The burning off of calories and the changes in the brain chemistry resulting from exercise helps. We know that the body releases endorphins when exercising and the release of endorphins can be helpful. It is also helpful to exercise in a group for support and socialization.

Depression cannot be treated

We have all heard the people who have said that they had gone for treatment for depression and it did not work. This leads to the assumption that depression cannot be treated. Actually with the right combination of medication( if needed) and psychotherapy, depression can be treated. The National Health Institute quoted a study where 70 percent of depressed people where cured of depression after taking the proper medication (sometimes the medications had to be adjusted for maximum effect). Other studies show positive results that lead to cessation of depression by combining medication and talk therapy.

Here are some centers in Montreal for the treatment of depression

The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression
Montreal Clinic for Therapy Services

Interested individuals can seek hospital services and outpatient clinics around the city

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