Derek Jeter, ‘Roommate’ Star Minka Kelly Call it Quits

The latest celebrity breakup is that of Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly. Jeter and Kelly have been dating for three years and Kelly’s rep confirmed to People Magazine that the couple is calling it quits. Kelly is filming the reboot of the TV show “Charlie’s Angels” while Jeter continues his career as a shortstop for the New York Yankees.

August has been a month of many celebrity break ups.

Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler

Former “Roseanne” star and now talk show host Sara Gilbert and her partner Allison Adler split. The Los Angeles Times fills us in on the breakup of Gilbert and Allison after a 10-year romance. The couple has two children together, Sawyer and Levi. Gilbert gave birth to their daughter Sawyer in 2007 while Adler gave birth to their son Levi in 2004. Adler continues to be a producer while Gilbert continues to chat on “The Talk.”

George Michael and Kevin Goss

The Hollywood Gossip tells us of the breakup between George Michael and longtime partner, Kevin Goss. Michael made the announcement of the breakup during his Symphonica tour in Prague. He also sang “Love is a Losing Game” by Amy Winehouse, who passed away last month. Michael is still on tour overseas; tickets can still be purchased for Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour.

Prince Harry and Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Prince Harry reportedly broke up with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce because he didn’t want to be “tied down.” Mirror reports that Harry will soon resume his training to become an Army Air Corps Pilot. The romance between Harry and Brudenell-Bruce was a short one since they had only begun dating in June.

Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron

Ryan Reynolds broke up with Charlize Theron earlier this month after only dating her for two months. Us Magazine reports that since Reynolds recently divorced he was looking for something casual while Theron was looking to settle down and have children. Reynolds filed for divorce from the beautiful Scarlett Johansson six months after filming “Green Lantern.” Reynolds and Johansson were married for two years. “Green Lantern” released in U.S. theaters on June 17.

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