Did 9/11 Changed Us?

I don’t feel as safe as I felt before the horrific terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City ten years ago. Before September 11, 2001, like many Americans, I was oblivious to the deep hatred some foreign groups had for Americans. Back then I believed bombings like 9/11 only happened in other super-power countries like England, Ireland and Israel,. Most of the time I didn’t really think about it at all. I’m an American. That stuff doesn’t happen here.

To see young American soldiers killed and dragged along streets, and other soldiers whose corpses are burned or mutilated, is awakening. Those people hate us. Americans bring out the worst in other Nations. It warrents wonderment,

Years ago I felt fairly safe traveling on an airplane while going on vacation. Granted air disasters scared me, but so did crossing traffic in Boston. Now I sweat out every mile and tense up with every bump spent in the air. Usine our own airplanes as a weapon was sneaky and frightening.

However, we are Americans. Our fears don’t deter most of us from travel, If we want to go somewhere. We go. 9-11 just made us a little uncomfortable while on our way to relax. Especially if certain “TYPES” are traveling in the airport at the same time. When you see a fellow passenger dressed in their nation’s garb, waiting to board YOUR plane. You can’t say small tinges of fear don’t set in. Their presence simply scares many of us. It’s the truth. A sad truth, but truth.

We’ve been wounded, and because of it, we have became a more fearful and more religiously prejudiced nation. We have indeed changed.

The simple knowledge that terrorist groups and extremist may be hiding within our borders, just to kill Americans, scares the hell out of me every day of my life. It should scare everyone. Our new enemy will use any means to cause optimal loss of life to achieve it’s glorification. These enemies can be anyone and strike at anytime. To them death is the greatest gift. They have no fear. With an enemy like that, how will we know if we have won?

I can tell you how We the People have lost. Everything is so different now. How we travel, whether security or price. Fuel and food prices, our lifelines, have skyrocketed in this decade. Jobs are gone. This decade has been beyond belief.

Over 3,000 innocent people lost their lives on September 11, 2001 to terrorist attacks. Over 6,000 military personal have been killed in wars caromed off that attack. It has been ten years since the day we all sat still. No one has to tell an American to remember what happened. This nation doesn’t need to be reminded. We never forgot How can we? 9-11 changed America forever. It changed the way live.

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