Did Arizona CPS Aid Jerice Hunter in Murdering Jhessye? Absolutely

I felt like it was a de ja vu, just as well could have been called in, interview. Clarence Carter who is director of the Department of Economic Security, that is a laugh in itself, which oversees CPS, sounded like a clone. We have heard this same speech in every state in this country. It always happens after a child is beaten to death, starved to death, sexually abused and killed. It is the pat answer, “Yes, the system has made mistakes”, well Mr. Carter, that mistake led to the torture and murder of a beautiful 5-year-old. Mr. Carter said the system is undergoing an overhaul. People, I so hope that is because we all wrote or called the capital, after an article I wrote, about what Jerice had done to her older children. I said it then and I will say it now, if I were Mahogany Hightower, I would sue California and Arizona until they hollered uncle. These people might as well have been standing there watching Jerice beat Jhessye to death.

I do not want to hear over-worked, and under-paid! These people who work as social workers were not forced to take those jobs; they most certainly knew what they would be paid. I would assume that they knew they would be over-worked and they took the job. If you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. I am disabled now, but when I was working, you did not stop at 5:00 just because it was time to go, you finished your job. I worked as a personnel counselor and was salaried, so it made no difference if I worked 40 hours or 140, I got paid the same. I would go in at 6 in the morning just to give people work belts so they could start a job. I am not patting myself on the back, that is just what you did. You cared about people; you understood how important it was for them to go to work. I was told that I was too compassionate, I think most of us care about people, its just the people whose job it is to care, who don’t.

I cannot understand any social worker who is not an imbecile, who does not know a child is not going to say, “oh yes, I am abused, now please go tell my mother I told you and then you get in your car and drive away”. The social worker, as shown in documents in the story here, said they looked healthy and denied abuse. Well maybe if she had taken courses in something besides nutrition, Jhessye might be alive. Apparently it took this long for the other children to feel safe enough to tell police what happened. This is apparent because Brian Coombs said the information came to them in the past week. So, those children, even though they were away from Jerice, were still too afraid to talk and didn’t for a month.

Sally Social Worker, knew the background, I am sure that Mahogany Hightower mentioned it when she called them. The documents said Mahogany said she saw the kids shaking and flinching at the picnic in April. So, Sally Sue Social Worker just ignored the background and wrote that they were healthy and denied abuse. God help us.

Because Sally Sue Social Worker was impressed that they did not have their hair pulled out (at that point) and they were healthy, the Glendale police closed the case without talking to Jerice or the kids. I do not fault the police; they went on what a supposedly trained worker told them. I truly believe Sally Sue Social Worker needs to become Sally Sue License Plate Maker. It is time to make people responsible for the job they are supposed to do. These kids are not depending on you to check out their teeth and bone growth; they are depending on you to possibly save their lives. Sally Sue needs to be fired and forget about this re-training crap, if she does not have the soul of a person who wants to save children, you cannot train her to have one.

Back to Mr. Carter, of course he could not answer some questions because of privacy laws. Who in the hell-o’s privacy are you protecting, Jerice’s? I think your little CPS protected her well enough. That interview just made me want to spit nails. It was so scripted, with just enough sympathy, like someone really cared. I tell you what they care about. They care about not getting any more flak from the people, and not taking too much blame.

I am from Houston, Texas, and I cannot tell you how many times Houston CPS let this same thing happen. Its time for all states to get serious about this. I am sure Jhessye would have loved for them to have overhauled this non-working system before she got the breath beat out of her. Mr.Carter could not, of course say, that the system failed Jhessye, I guess the law does not permit him to tell the truth, but this is when he came up with “the system making mistakes” bull. He could not answer whether CPS extensively investigated to make sure Jhessye and her siblings were safe. DUH, Mr. Carter, your Sally Sue Social Worker aka Sally Sue Nutritionalist, asked them, so please do not even have anyone attempt to even dare say she extensively investigated anything. She asked and left, she did not act upon what should have been a red flag before she ever went out there, Jerice’s background. I know, she did her time, well actually not; she served 4 years of an 8 year sentence for torturing her child. So why would you be concerned? Why would you not believe the children when they said they were not abused? A huge DUH right here, when Jerice beat, her then 7 year old, she beat her on the stomach, privates, upper legs and butt, those spots are something you do not go around showing. A pair of pants and a shirt are going to cover those up. Did she look at their upper legs, stomachs, butts? I highly doubt it, they said no and she said go. Here is the heartwarming last line of Mr. Clarence Carter’s interview;

“Our heart breaks when a child is hurt. When a benefit is not paid. When someone can’t make their life work so they need this system. But we believe it’s our life’s work. It’s our obligation to help make this work,” said Carter.

Well Mr. Carter, what happens to your heart when a child is murdered? Is it still broken? The whole tone of your interview was to keep your job and your responsibilities out of the hot seat. If it is your life’s work, Mr. Carter, your life’s work looks like a sucking failure. A child died on your beat, a child was beaten until her eyes were almost shut, a child had her hair pulled out, a child was kept in a closet, evidently without food or water, since the older sister said she would give her water, a child was killed, murdered by a woman with a history of abuse, a history that I am sure Ms. Hightower made them aware of. A 5-year-old who wanted to be a ballerina, who loved the color purple, who looked like a baby doll, with a smile that would light up the room, she is dead because your life’s work failed her. She is dead because people like you and politicians are making the big bucks and not doing what needs to be done, until your butt is in the frying pan. Then your heart is broken, your sooooo sad, baloney. The really sad thing is, it took a 5-year-old dying to even get you people to admit that there was a problem. Mr. Carter, if you had known Jerice Hunter’s past, would you have just said they looked healthy and denied they were abused? If your answer is yes, you might reconsider your job.

While California and Shirley Johnson started this, California for setting Hunter completely free and Johnson for giving her back the children she tortured, Arizona put the bruises and cuts on Jhessye’s face. They allowed Jerice to murder her. You do not have to answer whether the “system” failed Jhessye, that is a no-brainer. If there is anyway your state can be sued, I hope Ms. Hightower goes as hard and fast as she can to one of those bulldog attorney’s who will nail your, and whoever else is responsible for this, butts to the wall. Maybe if the old bankbook gets hit, maybe you will pay more attention to whoever is hired to oversee Sally Sue Social Worker. Maybe they can give you, and your representative at CPS, a paycut, bet that will get your attention. I suggest Sally Sue Social Worker be given a first class ticket to the unemployment line, before she aids someone else in killing a child.

If you think this is crass, and harsh, then you are right, sometimes you have to crawl down in the gutter to get your point accross. You people sit there, business as usual, while Jhessye died. God only knows how many other children are being beaten everyday, that Sally has let slide by. They will matter when they, like Jhessye are killed. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner, I bet Jhessye would have loved to have eaten anything in the last days of her life. She probably would have loved to just have had someone save her. Because of the lack of concern, until something like this happens, she had to be the sacrificial lamb.

By the way, your little speech where your heart is broken, is either a misquote or you make no sense. Its not about someone making their lives work, its not about not getting a benefit, maybe you should have had someone with you in order to steer you back to what this interview was about. You got the sympathetic heart broke right, but you went into left field after that. Stick to the subject. I am sure Jerice got plenty of benefits since she was spitting kids out like a pez dispenser, I am sure Arizona paid her nicely. The subject was her daughter, who is probably rotting away somewhere, as I type, with her little body broken, and I can almost bet, she knew the true meaning of a broken heart.

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