Dinner Outcasts & Heartfelt Shave

It was the first Valentine’s Day celebrated by my boyfriend and me as a couple, and it was certainly one to remember. He was all excited about the fancy reservations he made at a ‘hot spot’ in the South End of Boston. When we walked into the restaurant something just didn’t feel right, and it took me a few minutes to figure out why the vibe just wasn’t clicking and why so many people were staring at us. As we were being walked over to our table it clicked, as I noticed every couple sitting together was of the same sex. Not saying we are against gay couples in anyway, but when you get the sort of looks we did on such a special night you tend to feel a little out of place. My boyfriend was slightly embarrassed and kept apologizing. Needless to say the food was great and the hospitality was awesome. It’s just a date to remember, which it what all couples need once in awhile.

Dinner was also followed up by something that I will never forget. He had a special present for me when we got home later that night. I was a little nervous to find out what this special present was since he kept saying he had something for me but I didn’t see any presents wrapped anywhere. Then he started unbuttoning his shirt, then he took off his undershirt, then there it was. A big heart shaved into his chest. How romantic. Well, those aren’t the first words that went through my head, but he did it for me and put some thought into it. That’s all that matters!

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