Disney Channel’s Shane Harper Talks New Album and Adam Anders from ‘Glee.’

Some people may know Shane Harper from his role on Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie.” Other fans may know him from his flourishing music career. Whatever the case, Harper is one of those talented artists that can make an impact in both mediums. He recently stopped by to talk music, his new album and his show on Disney.

Q – Your second album will debut on Valentine’s Day (which co-incidentally happens to be your birthday) exclusively through Target. First of all, happy early birthday, and secondly, how did you get involved with Target as an exclusive partner?

A – Thank you! I’ve always loved Target and we (Deep Well Records) thought it would be a perfect partnership for my album release.

Q – The album will be released by Deep Well Records, which was launched by “Glee” Executive Music Producer, Adam Anders. What was it like working with Anders?

A – Adam is a really good man, and incredibly gifted. It’s an honor to work with him.

Q – You also have a recurring role on Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie,” where you play Spencer Walsh, opposite Bridgit Mendler. Mendler appears on the album’s song, “Wait For Me.” Her debut album will drop later this year. There seems to be a trend with Disney stars turning to music, with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato to name a couple. Did you want to go into acting or music as a child? Which medium do you enjoy better and why?

A – I started musical theatre when I was nine, so really I developed a love for acting and music simultaneously. All aspects of the performing arts make me happy, and I really can’t choose one over the other. Hopefully I’ll be able to do both for the duration of my career.

Q – How does this new album differ from your debut album in terms of the writing and recording process?

A – I definitely feel that my song writing has changed as I get older and I’m able to articulate and communicate things through my music that I wasn’t able to before. The recording process is also more enjoyable, as I have become more comfortable in the studio and working with my producers.

Q – Which song means the most to you and why?

A – Every song has something personal and special in it, so it’s really difficult to pick which one means the most.

Q – If I were to turn on your MP3 player, which artist would on there that would be a surprise to fans?

A – Mmm… probably Glen Hansard.

Q – Thanks for taking the time. Good luck with the album. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A – Thank you so much! I appreciate all of the support from my fans and I can’t wait for them to hear it!

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