DIY Multimedia Wall Hangings

If you have been searching for the perfect finishing touch for the walls of that newly decorated room, these wall hangings might be just the thing you have been waiting to find. These DIY tapestries are easy, even if you aren’t that creatively inclined. If you can print, trace or freehand a line drawing and glue things in place, you can make these beautiful accents for your home. Besides being easy to make, they can also be one of a kind conversation pieces for your home. Depending on your wall covering needs, you can make one or make a whole set, and each one will still be unique.

Materials (Makes One Hanging)
Line image for copying onto cloth (human figures or tall thin animals work best)
Tracing paper
½ yard muslin, linen or untreated canvas
Long thin picture frame, at least 6 inches wide x at least 12 inches high
Black craft paint with a writing tip
Picture hanging wire
White craft glue
Some of each of the following, in several colors:
Colored sand, glitter, seed beads, metallic confetti, sequins
Optional: craft paint in colors closely matching the sand, beads, etc. Depending on the type of image and materials you chose, you may not want to apply any materials to the faces and hands of the figure and may wish to use a thin coat of paint instead.

Start by stretching the fabric into the picture frame, trimming any excess. If you did not print it, freehand or transfer the chosen image onto the fabric with a pencil. Next, use the black paint to turn the pencil strokes into bold outlines. Allow the black paint to dry completely before attempting to add anything else to the fabric.

Assign a letter code to each of your materials, such as RS for “red sand”. Determine which colors of materials will look best in each segment created by the black outlines and then use your pencil to write the corresponding letter codes into the appropriate blocks.

If desired, apply a thin coat of the matching color paints into each marked block. Otherwise, apply a thin coat of glue into the first block, then carefully sprinkle the material inside the outline for that block. Repeat this process for each segment into which you want to apply color. Allow the glue and paint to dry thoroughly. Attach the to the top of the frame and hang.

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