Do America’s Leaders Think We’re Stupid?

Remember during the debt-ceiling debate, when President Obama got behind a microphone to express that most average people probably don’t know what the debt-ceiling is and felt the need to explain it to all of us stupid Americans? Remember feeling a little undervalued and underestimated? Well I certainly did. And apparently he’s not the only one that considers the American people too dumb to understand politics, policies, and powers-that-be. During the debt-ceiling debacle in congress, I emailed approximately fifty senators expressing my displeasure at their vote to table (a.k.a. not even read, debate, or offer constructive changes to) cut, cap, and balance, when it was clearly what the American people wanted, and when there was no other plan being offered. I told them that “As responsible Americans, we are required to balance our budgets and if we spend money that we do not have or cannot pay back, there are consequences. Why should the government not be held to the same standard? You should be more concerned with the future of this country than keeping your constituents fat and happy on entitlements so that they’ll vote for you.” I also expressed many other concerns. Three senators responded. Some of the others simply sent an automated response telling me that because I was not in their state, they did not have time for me. Dick Durbin’s website will not even allow anyone that does not live in his state to send him an email. It’s one thing to have little time to answer angry emails; it’s another thing entirely to have absolutely no concern for opinions outside the circle of people that may vote for you.

I did not expect a long, personalized response; I would hope that all of our senators are too busy fixing the problems of the federal government to send responses to every email. I was indeed grateful for the replies that I did receive, and for the record, I admire these three senators for taking time to give a long reply to the concerns of everyone during this crisis; however, all three of them treated me as though I had just moved to the U.S. from outer space. Senators Kay Hagan, Al Franken, and Tom Udall all spent their long responses explaining to me what was going on and what they wanted. None of them felt the need to explain to me what they were planning to do or how their strategies were going to make even the smallest dent in our 14 trillion dollar debt or help our limping economy. The attitude that came through in their emails was that if I could just understand and wrap my mind around the issues facing them, if I could only grasp their progressive ideas long enough before my tiny bit of intelligence could no longer hold on, then I would agree with them; then and only then could I proceed to support their agendas. Was it not Nancy Peloci herself that said during the healthcare debate that they would have to pass (a.k.a. ram down our throats) the two thousand page bill in order to know what was in it? And they think THAT’S intelligence?

Well, I have a message for all of our lawmakers in D.C. regardless of party affiliation: I already know what’s going on, THAT’S WHY I EMAILED YOU! The majority of the American people are not stupid. The ones that care enough to email or call your office are the ones you need to be listening to; those that are paying attention to you are the very same average Americans that you should be paying attention to.

Now I also have a message for the American people: PROVE THEM WRONG! Let them know that we are watching their every move, and we will not let them sell our freedom out from under us.

Here’s the recipe:

-Pay attention

-Find facts for yourself instead of accepting all the garbage the media is handing you on a pretty, gold plate.

-Know what’s happening in Washington D.C. and around the globe

-Email them

-Call them

-Bagger them

-And no matter what side of an issue you’re on, do not let them treat you like a five year old who just can’t understand the problems of the “big people.”

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