Do Celebrities Deserve the Media Coverage They Get?

COMMENTARY | Celebrities and gossip. The words go together like two good apples in a bunch. But do celebrities really deserve all the media coverage they get? The answer is yes, they do. I mean this in a negative way.

The level of coverage Kim Kardashian’s wedding and divorce received was ludicrous. Then there’s the actors in the Twilight saga. Good God, you never hear enough about them. Celebrities deserve all this negative attention because that’s what brings them down off their pedestal. From the reality celebrities like Snooki to the real-people celebrities like Megan Fox, this coverage gives us the chance to voice our opinion about what they did. People keep us in check on a day-to-day basis, that’s why we keep them in check.

What really makes celebrities any different from the person sitting next to us? It’s what they do for a living. Take the Kardashians for example. They hunger for fame. They crave it. They throw controversial weddings on TV with supposedly unsuspecting basketball players to feed that hunger, much like a vampire. And speaking of vampires, there’s the Twilight craze. It seems like it never ends. Do people really care if both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s characters get married? Really? A vampire baby? Well, I can’t help but feel bad for that kid. It’s gonna have one heck of a time losing those baby teeth!

Someone once told me that Taylor Lautner looked like a pug with muscles. That same person said that off-screen Robert Pattinson really does look like a ghost in front of a white sheet. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard these analogies. I mean, I don’t care if Kris Humphries wants an annulment or if Khloe Kardashian meets Captain Kangaroo. Putting yourself in the spotlight comes with its consequences you know. I don’t think many celebrities truly understand that (even though they want to become famous). Because, hey, as much as we speak negatively about them, they’d probably do the same about us.

And for those that are tipping the iceberg of fame, take a minute and think about it. Think of the Kardashians and then picture the Twilight Saga. Because fake wedding or fake face, they deserve this media coverage for bombarding us with their petty lives.

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