Do You Know Someone Abusing Prescription Medicine?

According to the Doctors Television Show, teenagers are having “pharming parties.” Teenagers are bringing prescription medications from home, mixing them in a bowl, and ingesting them. This is a dangerous combination.

In addition, Mlive news talks about the fact that teens often plan “pharm parties” well ahead of time. “The pills are consumed by handfuls and often washed down with alcohol.” I would say this is a very lethal combination.

Teenagers just do not realize the risk they are taking with their lives. Can you imagine ingesting something not knowing what it is that you are taking? Can you imagine doing this just to be popular with the “in crowd?” Children used to raid their parents liquor cabinets, now they raid the medicine cabinet. They do not realize a wrong combination could be lethal. They could accidentally overdose. Do parents need to put a lock on their medicine cabinets? Do they even realize that this is drug abuse?

Usatoday states “bowls and baggies of random pills are called “trail mixes” by the teenagers.” Carol Falkowski, director of research communications of Hazelden Foundation, stated, “Prescription pills are more popular among youths, because they are easy to get.” In addition, they perceive the pills as a more socially acceptable way of getting high rather than taking street drugs. Can you think of anyone that is abusing drugs? Unfortunately, teenagers abuse prescription medications just as they do street drugs.

Could your teenager be abusing prescription drugs? You might say, “Oh no, not my little Johnny.” This appears to be a growing trend among teenagers. Teenagers are not the only ones that abuse prescription drugs. Adults are just as guilty.

Are the teenagers today in so much pain they feel they have no other alternatives but to abuse prescription medications? Are there teenagers that are depressed, hurting, suicidal, and not realizing they need help? How many times do you see those on medication drinking alcohol? Most prescription medications have warning signs on them that tell you not to mix with alcohol, because it may intensify the drug reaction. Yet still there are those that will drink while taking prescription drugs anyway. I hope your teenager does not plan to attend a “pharming party.” Will you talk to your teenager today?



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