Do You like the Family Feud Game?

There are various television online games. One that I like is Family Feud. It is interesting and compelling.


This is a great way to keep the mind active. You need to choose and decide what answers you will give when asked various questions regarding the survey. Not knowing what you will be asked, keeps you in somewhat of suspense. You are always hoping that you will answer correctly.


It is motivational, because you never know what subject or title you will be questioned about. You are not given a long time to think about it either. You must be “quick on your feet.” with your answers. This is also just good clean fun.


It is challenging to see if you can answer correctly. It is a game show like no other.

Steve Harvey

The co-host Steve Harvey is a great host, because he is a great comedian and adds flavor to the show. He keeps you laughing. He is also “down to earth.”

It is amazing to watch the families play ‘fast money.” They are given so many seconds to answer the questions. Then another family member does the same, but cannot give the same answer. They need to come up with a total of 200 points in order to win $20,000. When they win 5 games in a row, they are eligible to win a new car. Sounds easy, but once on the stage, I imagine it is not so easy.


I love to see how some families wear the same colors. They look so cute and handsome. The families come from all walks of life. You will see pastors, officers, teachers, policemen, stay at home moms, and many other types of family members.

The game scores include scores of double points and triple points. When I watch the game, I get just as excited as the players.

Family Feud on Facebook and on MSN

Family Feud is also on Facebook and on MSN. I have played it, and found it to be very interesting on Facebook and on MSN. You can get extra points by inviting your Facebook friends to play also. When playing on Facebook you can only play 1 episode unless you earn extra one or buy episodes. I like to play the game, but I cannot see paying and buying more episodes. I’m sure there are those that do.

When playing on MSN you can play as many games as you like continually for as long as you choose for free. It is not necessary to invite others in order to earn extra episodes or points. It is nice that you can play continually for a time, but I personally do not want to spend too much time playing games. They are okay to play when I need a break from writing.

I also have played the online bingo party on Facebook as a trial. It is nice, but I will not subscribe and pay money for it. I guess I do not like it that much.

I just suggested to Steve on Facebook about allowing viewers at home to win money along with the families that win on the show. We will see if that ever happens.

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