Does ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’ Conquer Viewers?

“Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” is an infamous 1964 Christmas special that has stood the test of time and earned itself a limited re-release on the big screen. Just what is so special about this curious film? This contender for worst Christmas special ever is at least 10 times more ridiculous than its title. How do Tennessee viewers react to Santa Claus’s space adventure?

“Wow. Do movies get any stupider than that? The Martians looked so cheap and the robot looked extremely cheesy. If Mars needed a Santa, why didn’t they just dress up the old wise man from the beginning? Seems to me he would have done a much better job.” — Tina Ripple, 19, Memphis

“You owe it to yourself to see this horrendous Christmas special. From the ridiculous plot to the lame, mud-faced Martians, the film screams hilarity. I remembered always seeing this on ‘worst film lists’ and couldn’t resist seeing it. I’m so glad I did!” — Sam Bowen, 31, Raleigh

“I’m a big fan of classic Christmas specials. I’d never seen this one and was skeptical when I heard the title. Just like I figured, it was terrible. Luckily, it was the good kind of terrible. Like most of the audience, I couldn’t stop laughing. Whenever it seemed it couldn’t get sillier, it did! That one goofy Martian alone makes it worth the ticket price.” — Laura Spake, 36, Memphis

“Soda came out of my nose during the scene where Mrs. Claus was on camera. What the heck was with her insane reaction? Seriously. First chance I get, I’m ordering this on DVD. My friends need to see this. Christmas morning my kids are going to wake up to seeing this grainy, goofy special.” — Pauline Leeche, 39, Memphis

“The theme song is so ridiculous that I’m probably putting it on my MP3 player the minute I get home. What were they thinking back when that released? Did it ever pass for good? Hilarious!” — Lisa Soy, 26, Southaven

“It was the good kind of bad movie — not boring, y’know? I was amused to see the typical pair of meddling kids get scooped up in the plot. The final toy battle also made for a memorable scene. Woot, woot.” — Jamal Daniels, 21, Southaven

“You know, Santa Claus didn’t so much conquer the Martians. More accurately, he laughed like a madman and goofed off for the entirety of the film. I would have enjoyed myself more if those annoying kids hadn’t been so integral to the plot. They just sort of bog down the experience.” — Crystal Tuggle, 33, Fraser

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