Dog Parks of Los Angeles, California

Dog parks are great places to take your pet to roam freely outdoors and play, especially indoor dogs that may spend a lot of time in the house. If you’re looking for a dog park in Los Angeles, California there are several to choose from. Finding dog friendly places to spend time with your pet that are not outside of home isn’t always easy. There are dog friendly parks in Los Angeles that might be appropriate and conveniently located for you and your dog.

Griffith Park Dog Park
North Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, California

This off-leash dog park is located at the end of the John Ferraro Soccer Field and opens from sun up to sun down. If you have a small, shy, or fearful dog there is a separate, fenced and gated dog friendly area specifically for them. The facility includes picnic tables, drinking fountains, dog troughs, and a portable restroom. No food is allowed in the picnic area. Parking is available for up to 40 cars. You can direct any questions to the Griffith Park Rangers Station at the above phone number.

Hours of operations are Monday-Friday from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park
17550 Victory Blvd.
Encino, California

There are 6.5 acres of dog friendly land for off-leash dogs and 0.5 acres for small dogs. There is an on-leash picnic area and public phones. Contact the Valley Regional Headquarters Office above for any question and the full list of Codes and Signs or regulations. Open dawn to dusk on Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday. Park is closed until 11 a.m. on Friday mornings for ground maintenance.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park
8260 Mulholland Drive
Studio City, California

Dog friendly park located in the valley. It is an unstaffed off-leash dog park with three acres of land. There is a small fenced area for kids to play in. it has 35 parking spaces. Public phones available. Contact the Studio City Recreation Center at the phone number listed above. Hours of operation are Saturday-Thursday from 6 a.m. to sunset and Friday 11 a.m. to sunset.

Barrington Dog Park
333 South Barrington Ave
Los Angeles, California

This is a West Los Angeles dog park with 1.5 acres. Dog park includes parking for 40 cars. Open from dusk to dawn Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday. This dog friendly park is unstaffed so call Barrington Recreation Center at the phone number above with questions.

Hermon Park in the Arroyo Seco Dog Park
5566 Via Marisol
Los Angeles, California

This dog park is unstaffed and open Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday from dusk to dawn. Large and small dogs are placed in separate areas. The facility includes barbecue pits, picnic tables, kids play area, art in the park, and tennis courts. Contact the number listed above to speak with the park maintenance supervisor.

Westminster Dog Park
1234 Pacific Ave
Venice, California

This dog park is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Friday and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. It is an off-leash dog park with 0.8 acres and a small dog area that is 50 feet by 25 feet. Questions for this dog friendly facility can be answered by calling the number listed above.

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