Dogsitting for Fun and Profit

Need extra money for expenses? Ever consider being a Dogsitter? Before you jump into being a professional dogsitter there are a few things you need to consider.

Do You Love Dogs?

If you are not fond of dogs or you do not love being around dogs then this is not a job for you. However, if you have always had dogs in your life and home, and are comfortable with all types of dogs, then this might be your calling.

Know the Habits of the Owner’s Pet

When starting out to be a dogsitter, get to know the owner and the habits of their pets. When our friends go on any long trips where they can’t take their two dogs, we are asked to take care of their pets while they are gone. We understand their routine and habits, like what medicines to take when, how much to feed the dogs, and so on.

The familiarity and the routine keep the beloved pets from suffering abandonment issues and minimize their fears as well as improve our relationships and interactions with their pets.

Make Sure You Have Emergency Contact Information

Every pet owner is different. Some like to call almost every day to get details on how everyone is getting along. If something should come up, it may be necessary for you to call the owners. For serious accidents, it’s best to have contact information of their vet.

Are There Special Needs?

We have had to administer medication for pets usually by placing their medication in peanut butter. It’s how the owner delivers the meds. It’s best to write down any special medication and timing especially if more than one pet or medication is involved.

How Much to Charge?

Usually our friends call us when they need that special get away. It gives them flexibility to travel and gives us someone to play with. We do not charge our friends. We enjoy the opportunity to help our friends and their pets. However, when we are not available to dogsit, they pay to keep their dogs in kennels. Some people pay to have neighbors just to come over to the house to feed their dogs and let them out of the house for short periods of time.

Some owners do not like leaving their pets at kennel because their unsure about the care their pets receive. Having someone dogsit gives the owner a sense of security that their dogs are getting personal care.

To determine how much to charge, negotiate your own price after calling around to the kennels in the area to see how much they are charging. Be aware of special needs the pet has, and are you and owner comfortable with you taking care of their loved ones.

Becoming a dog or cat sitter can be fun and profitable.

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