Are you that, pot bellied man, fed up with, carrying along with you that bulge about the paunch? Are you that lady, whose tummy tears people between whether, you’re pregnant or not? I have good news, for you; lo and behold, ways to achieve that flat tummy.

Do you, know, how to plank? Commence, with situating your self, in a push-up position, while resting, that weight on your forearms and bending, the elbows. The straight line, from your shoulders, to the ankles, must be created, by your body. While breathing deeply, contract your abs, as if you’re a target, for a punching in the gut, for three minutes. Rest, for the next one minute.

Get ready, for the side plank. With your knees straight, lie on your left side. Prop up on, your left elbow, and fore arm. By contracting your abs, brace your core. Raise those hips until; your body forms a straight line, from the ankles to the shoulders, for a minute. Turn on your right side, and repeat. Take a one-minute rest and prepare and prepare, for the next physical.

Next, is the mountain climber and we’re done. With those arms completely straight, get into to that push-up position. Lift the right foot, off the floor, and slowly raise the knee, as close to the chest as possible .Now, reach for the floor, with the right foot and re locate to the starting position. Do this, with your left leg as well. Do this with your left leg as well, alternating, for two minutes. Take off a minute to rest, and start all over, with the planking.

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