Donald Trump’s Presidential Run is a Joke

Judging by the attention being paid to Mr. Trump’s flirt with presidential politics, I am like many people who find it an interesting topic. He’s a colorful guy, he makes outrageous statements and frankly, he makes me laugh. Now, I also find that Seth Meyers makes me laugh, but then Seth Meyers actually makes his living making folks laugh.

This helps me illustrate two points about Mr. Trump.

He’s essentially a bully. When Seth Meyers used Trump as the butt of his jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in April, Trump was not amused. Seth essentially made my point, saying “Donald Trump often talks about running as a Republican, which is surprising,” Meyers said. “I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

Trump shot back at the time and continued shooting 8 months later on Barbara Walters recent special when he felt the need to insult Meyers again. “He’s a third-rate comedian” Trump said, among other unfounded insults.

This is the way Trump reacts to everything. When candidates started fleeing the Newsmax debate that Trump was to moderate, he insulted them one by one. “They’re afraid” he said, afraid of him running as an independent. He berated certain candidate’s relative standing in the polls and talked about how everyone wanted his endorsement.

If Trump were to actually run, he’d be under attack not only by his political opponents, but by opinion columnists, political pundits and everyday people on the street. Would he feel the need to berate and insult all of them? Who has the time?

Moreover, if, in the unlikely event he actually did get elected, he’d have the pressure of being president. The President of the United States is attacked and hated in countries all over the world. Our president is burned in effigy on television. Will Trump fight back from each of these attacks? When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad goes to the UN and yells about our friendship with Israel, will Trump call him an “awful leader” and insult him?

This brings me to my second point.

Trump does not have the proper experience to be president. I said earlier that Seth Meyers is a comedian. It’s clear what he does and how he makes a living. He has a resume that supports that and people hire him, to make people laugh.

But what exactly is Donald Trump’s profession? He’s a CEO, I guess. He does run the Miss Universe Pageant. He has also developed real estate. I’ve been to the Trump Tower, it is lovely. But Mr. Trump is much more famous, and likely spends much more time, as a reality TV star and a shameless seller of his name. In fact, many of the Trump properties are just renting his name; they were not actually developed or managed in any way by Trump. In his recent professional life, Donald Trump has more in common with the Kardashians than with Jack Welch. The POTUS is a position that requires leadership, diplomacy, compromise, and selflessness. Trump’s scorched-earth business style and outspoken manner do not match the job description.

It’s clear that The Donald likes the limelight. This presidential run is about feeding his ego and it does a great job of that. It is a side benefit for Trump that keeping his name in the news increases the value of that name as he endorses shirts and ties, bottled water and juicy steaks. Maybe Kris Jenner can be his running mate.

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