Don’t Complain, it Could Be, “Worse?”

So they say he who does good gets rewarded. He who stays on the straight and narrow, finds the pot of gold. SO WHERE IS “MINE?” For the last three years, our disability checks have been the SAME. “YET,” prices of everything have TRIPLED. And I am not to complain. I told my mother, oh yes, I still have one who is alive in my old age, who tells me, “at least you’re getting SOMETHING.” Of course, she has little to complain about, and yes, she is very helpful if the need arises, but whenever I talk to her, she always minimizes each and every situation. Despite all this, she is the only one I have to talk to that understands anything to do with finances.

I just love how people react to two disabled persons living on disability. They actually think we have it “made.” So I will tell afew on here what MADE is all “about.” First of all, for sure all of you know we live on disability checks. Most who have read my articles probably can recite the amount. Still, I can’t COMPLAIN, so I keep hearing. Each and everytime I try to find someone to lean on about all I have to handle to listen with an ear, I get the good ol’, “What do you have to complain about, huh?” Nothing, just NOTHING. I have it made, you know, at least when they tell me this one sentence I have grown to hate and then they shy away from having to listen to anything pertaining to how I HAVE TO “exist.” Yeah, being disabled is GREAT. I get to sit around all day, (only because if I move around too much my legs swell up) and yeah, I get a free CHECK from the government each month and have to go nuts figuring out what to pay and what NOT to pay. I just love those who point fingers making accusations for one reason or another but never wondering “HOW” I have to manipulate, do without, barter alittle work, oh yes, sick or not there is no getting around WORK, to have what I have. You wouldn’t believe how many people still think I am a CRIMINAL. You wouldn’t believe how many people still think I am into getting drunk, doing drugs or “selling” them. And these ASSUMPTIONS, come from all the headaches I go through to have ANYTHING. Oh yes, I have “nothing” to complain about. Nothing at all.

The lovely part of it all? Are these people who live out there in outer space never lending a helping hand to no one who keep coming up with these delusional phrases. The it could be worse “ROBOTS.” Those who couldn’t handle ONE WEEK of my life, much less their own if they didn’t find someone to bail them out each and everytime they had a problem. Oh yes, I know about them people. The ones who seem to never have a problem in the world, who have “Jesus” or have “God” to handle all their needs, or seemingly put on the facade in public that because of their FAITH, they live on easy street. Easy street, until you visit them behind CLOSED doors. I have visited a few, and it could be “worse” wasn’t in their vocabulary.

We all have problems and we all have ways of dealing with those problems. So I would just love it for once if someone didn’t see me out on the street and act like they feel sorry for me, because in reality, I don’t want it nor do I “need” it. The old, “It could be worse” crowd. So when does reality begin to set in for these people? I am a disabled person and I can not fill myself up with the old, it could be worse phrases, I can not let those who delude themselves with assumptions to attack my home with accusations to destroy it, and most of all I can not “accept” PLASTIC people who try to put on the act that their lives are PERFECT. Nobody is fooled, and I’m not fooled. Like I said, we all have problems and it would be nice, if for once I didn’t have to hear this catchy phrase of, “IT COULD BE WORSE” since it already IS and it is a part of “my” life that is not going to get any better and WILL get “worse.”

Complain, complain, complain. Yeah, I know what all that is about. I have plenty of it to do myself. Like these people who act like they care but can’t help and keep telling us “We gotta go,” I just gotta tell them, I could care less that I am not perfect, that I am disabled, or “look” like I am in need all the time. To be honest, I am glad that they have to “GO” and get out of my face, cause at least it’s one less problem I have to deal with. Now I’ve gotta go and check that one off the list…………

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