Dorm of Doom

“I’m not sure what I’m doing.”

Devon was definitely lost, or as he liked to put it, “temporarily sidetracked.” An array of stress and anxiety in the last few months of high school had drained him of any available brain power. He had to worry about making excellent grades, being accepted to universities, gathering everything for moving into a dorm room, and pretending to not miss moving away from his family.

Moving to L.A. for college was supposed to be a time of relaxation and summertime parties by the beach, but instead it was a time of constant traffic and trying to find the actual place where he was supposed to stay. After adjusting the GPS system, Devon finally pulled up to the dorm building. It was mid afternoon when he arrived. The building seemed a lot more lavish in the photos online, but right now the only thing that mattered was a bed to sleep on and keep him sane.

As he walked into the hallway, he noticed lights flickering, and the light from the window made the hallway brighter than the bulbs. Devon kept his bags close to him, and looked closely at the room numbers for visibility. After arriving at the correct number, he unlocked the door and discovered his new roommate asleep at his computer. Being the graceful human that he is, Devon tripped over a bag he had placed on the floor, thus startling his roommate.

“Whoa, man! I hope you’re my new roommate.”

“Yeah, uh…my name’s Devon.”

“Hey, I’m Ben.”

“Cool…how long have you been staying in this room?”

“I haven’t seen civilization in two days…”

“Oh, I meant…how long have you lived here?”

“Uh…almost a year. I would get an apartment, but rent is too much and I’m dead broke. Believe me, I sure would get out of here if I could.”

Devon seemed uneasy. “Is it that bad around here?”

“Well, this isn’t exactly the happening place to be. It smells weird, looks ugly, and of course, then there’s the….neighbors.”

“That bad, eh?”

Ben smirked. “You’ll see.”

After getting everything situated in his new environment, Devon decided to take it easy that night. When he had started to plan his trek to California during the last month of high school, he imagined it to be a lot more thrilling than this. Oh well, there’s still time for fun and surprises. It didn’t take long for him to quickly fall asleep, and dream of what the future held.

“Hurry Devon! Get out of bed!” Ben looked frantic and had his forehand cupped in his hands. You need to look in the hallway. If you’re curious about our neighbors, now is the time to see them!”

Devon jumped out of bed and swung open the door. Drops of blood led down the hallway towards the darkness and away from the window. He gasped and slowly walked beside the bloody trail. He could hear faint female whispers as he crept by. It was leading to the stairwell at the end of the hall. He slowly opened the door to the stairs, making sure he was as silent as could be. As he opened the door, a hand forcefully grabbed him by the wrist, and he screamed in total fear.

“Ahhh! Help me!”

Suddenly laughter and claps could be heard from the stairwell. Devon chuckled half-heartedly, trying to shrug off the immense embarrassment overcoming him.

“Congrats Devon. You survived the first morning!” Ben walked towards him from the hallway and patted him on the back.

“Wow, that was a…that was a good one. You pulled it off pretty quick. Who was doing the whispering noises though?”

Ben was perplexed. “Noises…what noises?”

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