Dry Hair or Dry Scalp? Do a Salon Scalp Treatment at Home

Salon scalp treatments cost too much money to pay for with the bad economy. Many people would rather live with the itchy scalp or spend money on cheap over-the-counter products that just don’t seem to do any good. There is no need to live with a dry scalp or dry hair any longer. Use the technique below to help get rid of dry scalp using cholesterol and a towel.

What is Cholesterol?

This type of cholesterol is a deep conditioning treatment. It is made to use in salons or at home as a remedy for dry scalp and as a dry hair treatment. It helps condition the hair leaving it soft, shiny and more manageable along with treating other scalp conditions. Keep in mind that if your hair has been over-processed by bleaching or coloring, cholesterol is not likely to help. Over-processed hair will need to be cut to get rid of dry damaged ends.

Dry Scalp Treatment

Treating dry scalp is as easy as putting conditioner on your hair, sitting in the sun, and shampooing it out. The main part of scalp care is to be aware of how your scalp is feeling. At the first sign of an itchy, dry scalp, you will need to do a scalp treatment. These treatments will not harm your hair, so don’t worry about how often to do them. Know the condition of your scalp and proceed from there.

First, you’ll need to brush your scalp with a stiff bristle brush for several minutes, then part your hair. In the beauty salon, there are certain techniques that are used to distribute the cholesterol onto the scalp. The hairdresser is trained to apply the scalp treatment in a way that is relaxing to the client and even help reduce the stress of the day. At home, you can have someone help you apply the cholesterol to give a more salon scalp treatment feel, but it is not necessary.

Scalp Treatment Application

After parting your hair, apply a generous amount of cholesterol to the part. Next, part your hair again using your fingers or a comb. The hair should be parted about 1/2 inch to 1 inch each time. The main thing to remember is to keep the parts small enough that when you apply cholesterol there is no section of scalp left untreated.

When the entire scalp is drenched in cholesterol, begin to massage it into the scalp. Massage all parts of the scalp from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. Use small circular motions to loosen the dry skin from the scalp. There is no time limit for how long you can massage, but the minimum should be 10 minutes.

After massaging the cholesterol into the scalp, spritz the hair with water to dampen it. Then, pull the cholesterol through the hair to the ends. If needed, add more cholesterol to the ends of the hair. Wrap the hair and scalp with a warm damp towel. When the weather is nice, sit in the sun or outdoors in the heat to help warm up the scalp. The scalp treatment works better when conditions are warm. This can be left on for one hour or you can leave it on until morning. When finished, shampoo as you normally would with a mild shampoo. It will not hurt you if all of the cholesterol does not come out of your hair, but your hair will be a little on the oily side.

Benefits of Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatments are good for a number of conditions such as:

keeps hair normal relieves itchy scalp relieves dry scalp promotes hair growth promotes better blood circulation to scalp helps remove dead skin cells from scalp promotes healthy hair/manageable hair

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