Duggars’ Memorial Photos of Stillborn Daughter Spark Controversy

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the stars of the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting.” In December, Michelle miscarried her 21st child, this being her second miscarriage. The couple lost a little girl they named Jubilee Shalom Duggar.

The Duggars have recently been the source of controversy over their stillborn daughter. The Duggar family held a memorial service for baby Jubilee, which displayed tastefully done photographs of tiny Jubilee’s hand resting on her mother’s fingers. There was also a photo depicting her tiny feet. These photos were for private use by the family for those attending the memorial service, but where somehow leaked to the press and plastered over the TMZ site.

I feel very sad for the Duggars because of the loss of their child, and now because these private photographs were put on public display and some people are making very crude and insensitive remarks about them. The way I see it, this was their baby. This baby was loved and wanted. These photographs are the only real memories they will have of this child, and as her parents, they have every right to have had them taken.

The organization that took the photographs deals with helping parents of stillborn infants deal with their loss. I saw one photo of the tiny hand on Michelle’s finger and was deeply moved. I found the photograph heartbreaking and at the same time, beautifully touching.

I just wish the critics, who were not even meant to see these photographs, would back off and allow this family to cope, mourn and deal with their loss in whatever way they see fit. This was something they chose to do to pay tribute to their daughter, that was meant for an exclusive group to see. How sad that their private moments of grief get leaked on the Internet for public display and scrutiny.

My heart goes out to this family at their time of loss, and I want them to know that there are people who understand and agree with what they did. May sweet little Jubilee rest safety in God’s hands.

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