wires are to veins,
yet computers are like chains,
such a perk of avid communication,
renders you far away from true location,
while it is true we lead several lives,
yet another is reserved on our hard drives,
our internet persona,
is one of a new age loaner,
we exist on the internet not in reality,
but as extroverted creatures in actuality,
we change for our environment and audience,
as social creatures of versatile ambiance,
we constantly redefine ourselves,
seeking new outlets to delve,
our personalities can be restricted or so very raw,
depending on the crowd we wish to draw,
we are ever changing, adapting, learning but fools,
we know not moderation as one of our guideline tools,
with change comes the death of the old,
even when that means personalities in our manifold,
new ages require new lines of thinking,
and with which a replacement way of winking, ;)
the future is redefined,
let us now establish what is truly left behind.

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