Eagles Defensive Needs: A Fan’s Opinion

In the off season the Philadelphia Eagles signed some big names on defense. They got the biggest free agent signing when they got Nnamdi Asomugha. They also aquired Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the Kevin Kolb trade. Adding them two big name backs with Asante Samuel would make one think that the Eagles would have an unstoppable defense. However, that has not been the case…

In my opinion, the Eagles have a soft defense. This is just coming from a fans view on the team. I never played football. I have been an Ice hockey player all my life, but from a fans view they look soft, and seem to be missing that one guy that can lead a defense. That one guy that will rally his troops on a third and one, and say ” We will not let them get this yard”. The Eagles do not seem to have that one guy anymore. They did for many years when they had Brian Dawkins playing for them. He was a safety and not a linebacker, but he was a tough, hard hitting, player that led by example. Since he has gone on to Denver, they just look like a bunch of lost men out there. Jeremiah Trotter is not a future hall of famer, but he did the job. Someone like him is what the Eagles need.

Trent Cole is a work horse, but he can’t do it by himself. Jason Babin is playing very well too. The defensive line doesn’t seem to be the problem. The problem comes from the middle of the field, the linebackers. Andy Reid refuses to draft first round linebackers or trade for them. Take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, they seem to have Pro bowl linebackers year after year. When one gets old and he retires, or is traded, they just bring another one up.The Eagles must change this during the off season. Teams are handing the ball off to their big back play after play and just gaining 5 to 7 yards per carry. They eat up the clock, keep the Eagles offense on the sideline and beat up on a soft, small defense. Old school football still works in this league. Running the ball and hard working men on defense. These speedy, small corner backs are not going to tackle 235 lbs running backs.

Every team would love to have a Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis, but those guys do not come easy. However, the Eagles need to start taking a chance and drafting a first round linebacker. The season seems to be over now and Andy Reid doesn’t seem to be leaving. This is his chance to get a high draft pick, maybe even two of them and go get himself two linebackers who will be able to shut teams running games down in the future. I like Casey Mathews and maybe he will have a bright future, I hope he does. He does not seem to be as good as his brother Clay, but he could develop into a good linebacker. Still, he was a 4th round pick. They need to draft one in the first round. They need a leader out there on the field.

Or maybe just bring back Brian Dawkins!

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