Earth Women Train Wrecks and Vulcans

After my most recent failed relationship in a long serious of failed relationships I had a few minutes to ponder the most recent train wreck. From my perspective I could generally pin point the beginning of the end when I heard one of three remarks from the current Ms. Right.

1. Do you know what your problem is?

2. If I were you I would.

3. What you should do is.

I didn’t ponder this to long because I knew from experience this is just the way things are. My understanding of relationships is that this is where most women repair, fix and shape the men they are with which should prepare them for the emotional roller coast and general bouncing off the walls that will soon be coming.

I was still pondering when Zeus, my Miniature Schnauzer, settled in beside me and episode number 21 of Star Trek Enterprise was starting. T’Pol, the sexy Vulcan Science Officer of The Enterprise, was giving a perfectly logical explanation to why logic should rule over emotions. This is my kind of girl I thought. Beautiful, sexy and logical!

Slowly I realized T’Pol was sitting beside me logically explaining why plasma energy was more efficient than fossil fuel and how we could change. Her logic was impeccable and her reasoning sound. I was in heaven. She smiled at me as she leaned in close and whispered in my ear “and do you know what your problem is”.

I snapped awake immediately. Zeus jumped up on guard and there we sat looking at each other.

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