East Texas Giveaway

The headlines read, ExxonMobil, Rosneft sign Artic, Black Sea Deal to make money off hydrocarbons in Russia and the US. What hydrocarbons in the US? ExxonMobil has been denying my opportunity to make money from hydrocarbons on my lease in East Texas but it can deal with the Russians like it ain’t nothing. The lease has produced over four billion cubic feet of gas and is with oil but the lease is worthless without the operator developing the production as specified by oil and gas law. I have filed a Notification of Breach of contract to no avail, ExxonMobil just started sending worthless checks and kept in suspence the reclassified gas to oil well even though oil is over eighty dollars a barrel. The Russians have gained their trust and Rex is eating it up. He will do every thing he can to ensure that this deal will uphold their 33.3% stake meanwhile make sure Russsia will gain equity in exploration opportunites in tight oil fileds in Texas. That must be the wells shut-in since 2006 in my case at Gladewater Gas Unit #5, Wells 1 & 2, oil just been sitting there waiting for the Russians to get paid when I can’t. Who side is ExxonMobil really on, citizens don’t earn a dime off hydrocarbons but Russians do while they ignore my pleads for opportunity on my own land. The Kingpin is in bed with the Reds, it is sending me checks for nickles and dimes, coming with them to America to produce, sell our oil and split the profits with the Russians. New Slave Odyssey in motion is what I say, ExxonMobil sold us out and just keeps on getting richer, the feds don’t even blink.

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