Easy Fence Table

When you start thinking of someone working with a fence, putting up a fence, you often think of a ranch hand or a farmer. That’s because fence is stiff, and metallic; you have to wear gloves, have hole diggers, and use assorted implements. So, for people who craft, using fence doesn’t seem like a craft at all – it seems like a chore. But it’s not a chore when you make a fence table. The table can be short or tall, but no matter what type of table you make, you’ll find it really very simple, indeed.

At a large home improvement store, garden store, or discount department store, you can find a number of different types of fencing. The best type for the table project is wire fencing. You can paint the fence or use it as it is. Some fencing is white, other types are silver in color, and some other fencing is black. The fence you choose can be straight along the top edge, or scalloped, but the scallops can’t be really far apart. Use stiff wire – not something easily bendable, like chicken wire. Decide how tall you want the table to be and choose wire fencing which is that height. (Don’t forget to allow for the thickness of the chosen table top)

A home improvement store is a good place to shop because they’ll cut many different materials for you at no charge, if you purchase the material from them. Since fencing is often sold by the linear foot, you’ll have to purchase it that way, but at a home improvement store, you can purchase a certain amount of feet, and then they’ll cut it to the size you need.

Once the fence section is cut it’s really easy to put together the table. Just bend the fence into a cylinder shape and wire the ends together. Use wire which is easy enough to bend while being strong enough to hold the ends together.

Purchase a circle of wood from the same home improvement store or even from a craft store. Set the wood on the floor so that the wrong side – if there is a difference in the sides – is facing upwards. Set the cylinder-shaped fence piece on it then use a staple gun to secure the fencing to the wood, all the way around the circle.

The unusual fence table is so easy to build and is really quite nice. Make one as an end table, a night stand, or a child’s play table. It’s inexpensive, a breeze to make, really sturdy, and a nice home accent. Fence Table

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