Easy Foyer Fixes to Control Front Door Clutter

If your home is like mine, the foyer catches the incoming clutter and dirt and secretly breeds while no one is looking. The dirt I can live without but the clutter of shoes, book bags, coats and the like are all necessary items. I had to find a way to control the front door clutter yet keep everything handy and my ideas can be implemented in your foyer, mud room or at any home entrance.

Stop Tracking in Dirt

Invest in a heavy duty doormat that will scrape off shoe dirt and absorb water. Place it just outside the entry door and place another doormat (small piece of carpet) inside the door. Both of these doormats should catch the majority of stuck on dirt and debris before it gets tracked across the floor.

If you can get your family’s cooperation, take it a step further by having every remove their shoes when they enter the home. Keep a basket of cheap slip-on house shoes near the foyer for family to slip on. Not only will this trick help keep the floor clean, it also helps keep everyone healthier by preventing the tracking in of bacteria, germs and pesticides on the bottom of shoes.

Breathable Baskets

Breathable baskets, which are essentially open weave baskets without lids (open canvas bins work too) provide storage while prevent mold and mildew. Clothing articles and shoes which are damp will mildew if stored away in covered containers, so use breathable baskets under a foyer table or in the foyer closet to place damp things in until they dry. Place hooks or rack on the foyer closet door to hang up damp coats and if space permits, keep a collapsible drying rack handy for damp gloves, caps, scarves, etc. An old cookie sheet works great for placing wet, snow covered shoes and boots on until they dry out.

Decorative Baskets

There are several things needed at the entrance door used most often and breathable baskets and bins are the best looking way to control the clutter. Keep a couple of old towels in a basket to dry off a wet dog or to sop up any moisture on the floor. Keep a stiff bristled shoe brush handy to remove any stubborn shoe dirt before entering the foyer.

Use various sized baskets or decorative dishes to corral key, change, mail, homework and if space permits, hang a mirror in the foyer. A mirror makes the small space appear larger and brighter, plus it allows you that one final look to make sure you’re all pulled together before heading out the door.


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