Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Kids

It’s about that time when the kids start talking about Halloween. After all, it’s probably one of the most favorite holidays that young children celebrate. Now you could go out and buy a pre-made costume but with this tight economy, it’s best to make something homemade. It’s economical, easy and so creative. Your children will not look like everyone else in the neighborhood, they will be original. Here are a few of my favorite costume ideas using things you already have and maybe a couple minor store-bought items.

Spider and its web

Start with an old black hooded sweat suit (jacket and pants) and decorate using white paint made especially for fabric. Paint a big spider web on both sides of the sweatshirt. Go round and round making the web and then draw lines across the web giving it that octagon shape. Paint a few smaller webs on the pant legs. Tape or staple a fuzzy plastic spider toy on top of the hood. You can even stitch a few small plastic spiders on the webs of the suit. This makes for a cute Halloween costume that is warm for places that have cool weather in October.

An easy turtle costume

Hopefully your child has a green sweatshirt and pants for this costume. To make the shell, cut a sheet of green or brown posterboard into a large turtle shell. Draw circles and marks onto the shell with a black marker. From another piece of posterboard or cardboard, cut two strips (about 2 inches thick) the full length of the board. These strips will be used for the straps. Staple these strips to the top of the back side of the shell and run these over the child’s shoulders as straps. Staple the bottom in a comfortable position. It’s best to cover all staples with tape to avoid scratches. Leave enough room so your child can move his arms without tearing or breaking the straps.

A homemade skeleton

Take a black long-sleeved shirt and black slacks and apply white adhesive tape in pieces to look like bones. Tape can be bought at craft stores in a variety of widths. Find a picture of a skeleton in a book to follow the bone structure. Purchase an inexpensive skeleton mask or make one using a paper plate with black and white paint. Punch holes on either side of the paper plate and thread with elastic or ribbons to tie around the child’s head. Make sure to cut out eye holes for the kids to see.

Are you my mummy?

Tear an old white sheet into strips about 2-inches wide. Leave these white or soak them in weak tea to discolor them for the “old mummy look.” Have the child wear white clothing (something form fitting) and then wrap the dry strips around the arms, legs and body securing them with safety pins. Make sure this costume is comfortable and not too tight. If you have an abundance of gauze you could use this as well.

Remember, Halloween is a time of fun dress-up. Look in your closet or even the grandparents for old scarves, gloves, jewelry, boas, hats and such. Old sports uniforms, dance outfits and other clothes can make unique costumes. Just make sure to check the length of pants and dresses so they are short enough to prevent children from tripping.

Enjoy these precious moments and take plenty of photos!


Personal experience at home and in the preschool classroom

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