Easy to Make Baby Shower Favors

Planning a baby shower for your friend is one of the most exciting things to do. So, if you have been given the responsibility to organize things for the event, you will probably take care of everything such as the invites, theme, food etc. However, if you are a newcomer to this whole baby shower idea, you may get stuck with a couple of things and you may have forgotten an important thing – the baby shower favors for your guests!

So, if it has slipped out of your mind or if you were not aware of it, it is perfectly fine and you don’t have to panic. There are a number of easy ideas given below and you can make some of the best baby shower favors at home. These are not only cost effective ideas, but they will also help in giving a personal touch!

You could make a gift bag containing bubble bath, body wash, soap, essential oils and any of the aromatherapy ingredients. Choose one of every item and make separate packs for every guest. Use some pretty wrapping paper and gift wrap them or place them in the gift bags. Ensure that the packs contain a uniform fragrance. For instance, if you have chosen strawberry, stick to strawberry throughout. In case you have put in lavender, then ensure that everything else is lavender. This is one of the most favorite baby shower favors.

Another great option is candy. You just need some lovely gift wrapping paper and lots of yummy candy. So, you can choose a mix of chocolates, candy, lollipops, and just any type of confectionery you want. Place handfuls of these in a gift wrapping paper and then fold it horizontally. Then twist on either end to make it resemble a huge toffee.

Apart from these ideas, you could get a little innovative and make little baskets of dry fruits and nuts, or a bag of baked goodies with some cute decorations etc. After you are done with the baby shower favors, you should also ensure that you put in a small thank you card along with it. Even a small card with a nice note will do.

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