Easy-to-Sew Kids’ Art Apron

My 3 year old grandson is thrilled to be starting nursery school this fall. As a budding artist, he thinks that his days at nursery school with be filled with nothing but art projects. He absolutely loves to paint, play with play dough, use colored markers, cut, and paste! I made him this easy-to-sew art apron to protect his clothing from all of the messy art materials that he will be using at nursery school. This kids’ art apron is sized to fit small kids. It will only take you an hour or so to make it. You can sew it by hand or with a sewing machine.

Materials to make kids’ art apron:

1 kitchen towel

Grosgrain ribbon

Piece of 8 x 16 inch cotton fabric



Sewing machine or needle to hand sew

Directions to make kids’ art apron:

Fold your dish towel in half. Mark the halfway point with a pin. The top of the art apron should measure 6 inches across, so measure 3 inches on either side of the halfway point and mark. Use a disappearing ink pen if you have one but, if not, just mark inconspicuously with an ink pen or pencil on the back side of the towel.

Next, you will need to cut both sides of the towel at an angle to fit under the arms. To do this, measure down 8 inches from the top corner of the towel along sides. Make a mark on both sides of the towel. Draw straight lines from these marks to the marks on top of the towel using a yardstick. Cut along this line. Fold the raw angled edge under 1/4 inch and press. Turn under another 1/4 inch and stitch. Form a pocket at the bottom of the kids’ art apron by cutting a piece of cotton fabric the width of your towel. I cut mine 8 x 16 inches long. Make a hem at the top of the pocket by folding the top of the cotton fabric pocket over 1 inch . Press and stitch.

Lay the right side of the fabric against the wrong side of the bottom of the towel. Stitch along the sides and bottom. Turn. Top stitch at the sides. Run a stitch down the middle of the pocket so it forms two pockets.

Cut one 20 inch piece of grosgrain ribbon. Sew ends to the top of the kids’ art apron to fit over the head. Cut two 20 inch pieces of ribbon for apron ties. Sew to the sides of the apron at the waist.

I bet your little artists are going to be as delighted with their new art aprons as my grandson is with his!


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