Economic Requiem

With a repeat of the summer of 2008 gas price increases becoming more evident along a greater percentage of Ethel Alcohol in each gallon every American is becoming more handicapped, frustrated, and a lot more angry. There continues to be many reasons for this frustration, anger, and resentment not only because their automobile keeps stalling or their lawn mower won’t start but the hard truth is that every thing we buy is costing a lot more because of the rising cost of imported oil.

Currently the economic picture for short and even long term growth and stability actually remains pretty bleak. Granted their are some bright spots on the economic horizon but overall the country remains immersed in a continual environment of economic depravation. States like Florida, Michigan and others where unemployment figures remain over 20% [contrary to what the news media and our politicians say] deeper budget cuts has already amounted to even higher unemployment figures. Consequently with current governmental policies in place there is never going to be enough tax revenue coming into state budgets to stop the hemorrhaging of unemployment. Just look today to what is happening in Florida and in most Republican controlled states.

These important facts are directly proportional to the current economic and fiscal policies of our federal government that for the past 30 years have under minded our economic stability and our future. What is needed to turn the tide of our economic woes is for the present Administration to recognize that an abrupt course change is necessary. No longer can this country continue to operate using the same policies that have caused so much devastation to our economy. In order to rectify and drastically improve conditions here in the United States the first step has to be achieving a 4% unemployment rate nationally with corresponding living wages. Our trade policies over the last 30 years have only exasperated the growing unemployment figures. NAFTA alone has resulted in millions of middle income job loses. The very tax backbone of our economy.

The President’s latest summary of the 2012 budget still misses the boat in respect to solving, say Social Security, the fraud in Medicaid and Medicare, and all the other mandated expenditures the Federal Government carries out. On a lighter side, the Government could save a ton of money if instead of a physical volume of the Budget that probably is over 1000 pages and weighs at least 5 lbs use the computer instead. A CD would be less costly and a whole lot easier to carry. To often though the policies that are undertaken and implemented over the past decade have reverberated all across the globe while producing the opposite effect that was intended. Internationally, the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have had devastating consequences there and here in the United States. The catastrophic cost alone in lives and funds haven’t produced the results that were intended. Our trade policies have continued support other countries economies while draining our valuable resources here. We still haven’t yet produced the kind of unilateral support from the other dominate world powers to improve the United Nations ability to intercede in solving international crisis. These are just a few of the important issues that have to be addressed in combating the economic erosion that continues to whittle away the very core of America.

Domestically, the President has done a commendable job in tackling the many issues that were carried over from previous Administrations. Still, the economic revival that was supposed to happen hasn’t. Not because of the inept petty party antagonism. Although, some might argue that is precisely what is happening. A more drastic, more targeted, with more explanation of what is needed must occur now if the United States ever expects to win back all those millions of middle income jobs that have disappeared over the last 20 + years. A trade policy that embraces not free trade but equal trade must take president. Corresponded with a national 10% flat income tax to replace our broken, uneven, and discriminating current tax code. The Affordable Health Care bill of last year didn’t go near enough to resolve the issue of affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans. More education is needed in understanding the importance of total Universal Health Care, a single payer plan that will insure every American. It is time to recognize that our for profit health care insurance programs have only caused great suffering while draining everyone’s pocket books.

Still without a viable energy policy the nation will only continue to go further in debt buying foreign oil. The technology of today and our own natural resources has made it more feasible to offset all uses of oil. The Pickens Energy Plan that has been presented to Congress over two years ago still has to be really acknowledged and ratified as our energy policy. Consequently with our illustrious legislatures refusal or out right denial of how a national energy plan using our own natural resources will in effect only continue to drive this nation further into debt. The need is quit apparent to all that a national energy plan like the Pickens Plan will put more disposable income in every American’s pocket books. It will also reduce our national debt and most importantly ensure our nations fiscal and national security.

The sooner we recognize the severity of devastation of our current policies have caused the sooner millions of Americans will emerge more fiscally and economically sound. The monumental swing in economic fortune will occur when our government acknowledges and follows through with concise programs that will finally put to rest the economic and fiscal travesties that have lasted for too long. As a result the United States will be able to secure the economic resources that are vital for the future of all Americans.

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