Eden Eternal Online: Tranquil Hill Quest Guide – Part 1

This is a basic quest guide to help new players get through the Tranquil hill area. The last mission you completed should have been to head over to Tranquil hill to talk to the soul guardian to start your next set of quests. After talking to the guardian he will ask you to head to Seabell town and talk to the guard named Bamen, who just so happens to be standing about five steps to your right…

Bamen will complete the soul guardian quest and will also trigger a new mission to hunt and kill 6 Noctiluca Angelly and to also kill Starshell Hermit Ccrabs to collect 2 of their meat. The crabs are back on the road that leads to Limestone Mountain, the angelly are just east of them in a small little corner of the map. Both of the monsters are easy to kill so once they are all dead report back to Bamen to complete the quest. In case you spot out one of the boss monsters roaming the fields, I will say that it is safe to solo them if you are around level 10, so in case they get too close you don’t have to duck and run for cover.

Hunting in Tranquil city

After you finish the last quest Bamen will automatically give you a new mission to hunt down some bandits. The first task is for you to go talk to Rolf, he is just down the stairs to your right behind Beman. Rolf will give you a choice of two upgrade items, so pick one to complete the quest. He will then ask you to kill 5 Axebeak eagles, 5 Tyrian eagles, and break 5 eagle eggs. All of the eagles and their eggs are located at the far north east part of the map.

After you vanquish all of them, return back to Rolf to complete the quest. Rolf will give you a new mission to hunt down 7 red rock hermit crabs and collect 7 salt pearls from the bay angelly. Both of the monsters are located just south of Seabell city. After you kill all of the monsters return to town and report your success to the Seabell mayor Spence. After you finish talking to Mayor Spence he will ask you to hunt and kill Woyzeck, the crab king boss. The boss monster is back to the south near the water, exactly where you killed the last crab monsters. The boss is surprisingly easy and you don’t even need team members to kill it. Once it is dead report to Spence to complete the mission.

A few side quests

For the next set of quests you can do them in order of level, starting with Day the frog swordsman. He is up near the north east part of town, just across from Rolf. His mission is a level 8 quest so it should be pretty easy for you to complete. He needs you to kill some Noctiluca Angelly and collect 2 of their tenticles, 1 of their bells, and 1 of their stingers, these are the same angelly that you had to kill earlier that are at the north east part of the map. The monsters are easy but the drop rate is a bit slow so it might take you a bit of time to finish this quest. After you have collected all of the items report back to Day to finish the quest.

The next mission is for the dancer Obelle. Obelle is standing in the town square so she isn’t hard to find. Her quest is a level 9 mission and she needs you to kill 4 of the Tyrian eagles, 4 of the axebeak eagles, and 1 midnight feather boss. They are all very easy so don’t even bother gathering a team to assist you. After they are all dead report back to Obelle to complete the quest. If your character can lure a large mob of five to six monsters and AOE them all to death, then both of these quests are a breeze. In case you want to earn a bit of extra money or experience points, you can repeat Obelle, Day, and Bamen’s quests over and over again as much as you want.

NOTE: With Obelle’s repeatable quest, you will need to break the eggs to find the Crone eagle feathers to complete her mission.

Also now would be a very good time to buy the two books the “Fisherman’s wharf “and the “Rise of the eagles” for some extra experience points. The Fisherman’s quest will give out the “Hopeful romantic” title which gives you a +26 stat bonus to your maximum MP. The “Rise of the eagles” quest also connects with a later quest, so take that one too and you can do both at the same time (read part 2 “finding the Antiquity”).

The freight contract quest

When you reach Level 12 you will receive a quest to talk to Abel, the town merchant. He is just across from Obelle the dancer. When you talk to him he will give you a new quest to report to Fefas in the capitol city of Aven. The only way to reach Aven is to use the teleporter in the center of town. The teleporter is that strange balloon orb that is just in front of Abel. When you click it the orb will bring up the world map, click on Aven and teleport to the town. Once you make it to Aven go talk to Fefas, he is at the city hall at the south part of the city. Fefas will give you a new quest to bring a contract to Judge Phire and Auctioneer Purr.

Phire is located at the north west part of the map at the courthouse; Purr is in the center of the town, if you check the map she is near the heart symbol “Love oracle Dia”. Talk to them both and then report to Amos the Temple knight to complete the quest. Amos is located at the far east part of town standing at the “Temple knights” head quarters.

Returning to Tranquil hill

After you talk to Amos he will give you a new quest to talk to Conan the librarian, located at the north part of town just a bit west from the guild manager. After talking to the librarian he will ask you to talk to Heldin the guild manager to gain some information about the legend of Eden Eternal. After talking to Heldin he will ask you to deliver a letter to Spence the town mayor back in Tranquil hill, so make your way back to the south west part of Aven and take the teleporter back to Tranquil hill. Once you make it back talk to Spence to complete the quest.

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