Effective Ways to Get Your Child to Communicate With You

Today, talking to children is like eating a rock. What many parents fail to realize is that it’s about quality versus quantity. But taking the time to encourage your child to talk about his or feelings is very critical. Here are some tips I use to effectively get my child to communicate with me and have worked for many of my friends who have children.

Take The Time To Play More Than Usual

The easiest way to get your child to communicate with you more is to take the time to play more than usual. You can do this by taking some time to play a classic board game or even go outside to watch the birds. Another way you can spend time with your child would be to go camping or even visit a popular play place and take the time to just swing with them. When you spend more time together than usual, this would be a good time to get your child to communicate on how your child is feeling.

Eat Together Often

We all know that the dinner table is a wonderful place to get the whole family talking, but families these days often skip this step and eat in separate rooms. This tip is also another way to get your child to communicate with you more and helps you know how your child is feeling on a daily basis. Or you can take the time to talk with your child on how their day went and if anything has made him or her upset. Sometimes it helps to have the child help the parents fix dinner and just talk about random things.

Talk About Simple Things

Another way to get your child to communicate with you more often is to talk about simple things while camping or driving in the car. Have your child tell you what makes him or her upset, mad and happy. Also ask your child what their favorite animals, foods and colors are to get to know your child more. When parents take the time to listen to their child it shows that their feelings matter to you and shows how much you value their thoughts. This would also be a good time to get your child to talk about what his or her friends are like and get to know when he or she goes to certain classes. Always take the time to show that you are going to listen to them without judgement, otherwise they could stop communicating with you. Be sure to try to keep an open mind when your child tells you things that seem kind of odd to avoid pushing them away as well.

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