Elvira, Gothic Beauty Queen

At the age of thirty in 1981 soon after getting married, actress, Cassandra Peterson landed the role of Elvira as the gothic hostess of a weekly horror presentation, Movie Macabre. In the beginning it was just another gig for a funny girl who could stand up to the challenge. She was so good at it in fact she became America’s sweetheart all dressed in black with an in your face attitude.
That’s why she’s still a popular culture icon and a household name.

The show lasted five seasons and took a long hiatus beginning in 1986.
Yet, her popularity didn’t wane.Elvira continued to inspire merchandise such as action figures,
trading cards, calenders, t-shirts, video games and Halloween costumes during the 1990’s
and beyond. She kept hosting events and appeared in dvd’s throughout the new millennium.
Elvira also made six Halloween albums for the recording industry from ’82 to 2010.

A regular for many years at the Los Angeles, Comic-Con convention, a popular culture event for horror, gaming and anime fans, The Mistress of the Dark has announced November 5th and sixth of
2011 will be her last convention.

Movie Macabre, the first nationally syndicated horror movie program returned in October of 2010 with a string of episodes documented up until May 2011 as of my latest finding.
Elvira, Mistress of The Dark, continues to entice and entertain leaving me with this impression,
not bad for fiffty-nine considering it took the first thirty years to find herself. Visit her website for videos, photos, and fan content. Order posters from All Posters. For t-shirts log onto Rock 4 Ever.






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