Embarrassing Body Problems in Men

I’ve never told anyone this before, but I must confess that I have a few body problems that are kinda unique to men. They include: Hairy back, a beer gut, excessive sweating, ingrown hairs, ingrown toenails and rosacea on my nose.

I also have a receding hairline, I’m color blind, and I snore a lot. I belch and expel gas like there’s no tomorrow. I also suffer from athlete’s foot and jock itch and I smell pretty ripe from all that excessive sweating. My breath smells bad, I’m hard of hearing, have an enlarged prostate and I’m not that great anymore in the sack.

No, actually I have none of those problems…well, maybe a couple. But a lot of men do suffer from some of these conditions and they can be a problem, especially if your wife complains about them or you are trying to date or socialize.

Here are some facts about some of these common conditions and what you can do to keep from being an outcast. According to WebMD:

You’ll know how much body hair you’re going to have by your mid-twenties. What if your partner doesn’t like that “caveman look”? There’s always waxing, but that can be kind of painful. Remember the “40-Year Old Virgin”?

You can use depilatory creams or shave it off, but your partner may not like shaving your back every few weeks. One permanent solution is laser hair removal. Get it done once and you probably won’t have to worry about it ever again.

You don’t have to drink a lot of beer to get a beer belly. Any old calories will do. Men gain weight around their abdomen while women add the pounds on their hips and buttocks. Lose the weight and the beer belly will go too. Caution: Doing a lot of sit ups may make a beer belly get worse. Building up the muscles underneath the fat will just make the beer belly stick out more.

Rosacea is a common problem with older men. The face becomes reddened and the nose may break out with tiny pimples and become bulbous. No, it doesn’t mean that the person is a heavy drinker. There are medications that can help stop its progression, so be sure to look into it unless you want to look like W.C. Fields, who was a heavy drinker.

Male pattern baldness is a common bane for the middle-aged man. The condition runs in the family. Like father, like son. Just watch one of those late night info-commercials if you want to know the solution. Or, you can just shave your head. But if you do it will feel like sandpaper when you move your head on the pillow if you don’t shave every few days.

Snoring is more common in men that it is in women. There are several gadgets on the market that can help by keeping the nasal passages open. If you feel tired all day, your snoring may be the sign of a more serious condition, so be sure to see your doctor.

A good healthy belch after a meal is just a sign that your digestive system is working properly, so don’t sweat it. But having a belch-off with your best friend in front of your wife is not cool so don’t do it.

If the air in your digestive system comes out the other end then it’s called gas or flatulence. Some foods cause gas in some people but not others. Everybody does it, even women, but men seem more proud of this normal bodily function. At least try to be discreet.

Body odor is caused by the bacteria in sweat, not the sweat itself. There are many products on the market that can deal with it, but sometimes it becomes such a problem that you should probably get medical help.

Most all men have one or more of these common body problems. Don’t worry, most of them aren’t serious and can be controlled. Be aware of them not only for yourself, but for the people around you as well.

Source: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/slideshow_mens_health_screening_tests/article_em.htm

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